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In 2215, the science of chronography allows researchers glimpses of the sights, sounds, and smells of the past, as recorded in chronetic energies. But these once-promising explorations have become mired in politics and greed. When seven-year-old Jored Wallace goes missing, only one person, chronography intern Danarin Adams, realizes he’s gone. Soon she finds out that Jored’s disappearance is only the first of many timestream disturbances. Who can she trust to help her set things right?

 “I love alternate universes and books set in the Pacific Northwest (esp Seattle) so this was a treat to read. The author uses a good mix of science and character development.”

“The science concept of Chronography is intriguing and reminds me of the latest physics ideas about quantum entanglements acting forward and backward in time.”

Author note: This story has some of the flavor of Minority Report (without the precogs), the alternate timelines of Back to the Future (without the actual time travel), the alternate world of Jasper Fforde books, and the possible/impossible love of Somewhere in Time.

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