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He gave up his daughter years ago, but now he’ll risk his life to save hers.

Alex Mercer is no stranger to kidnappings. The emotional scars still run deep from his sister’s disappearance years earlier. His daughter Ariana remains safe long after her adoption, and he cherishes the few times a year he gets to see her. The joy is palpable when he takes her on their first one-on-one outing. At least until he pauses to answer a text and Ariana disappears…

Wracked with guilt and determined to find answers, Alex teams up with an unlikely ally at the police department. As the clues reveal a pattern of missing girls, the kidnapping case becomes a race against time to save Ariana. What cost is Alex willing to pay to keep his daughter alive?


“This story line is so clever, complex, and fascinating. So many social issues are touched upon, social media trauma, FBI and local police interaction, and emotions such as denial, grief, rage, and blame!”

I have read ALL of her books and was a big fan already, but this book was simply masterful. The plot, the story line, the characters, the writing – all of it was outstanding!”

“Characters are organic, smart and strong. Moving from scene to scene,the author leads the reader through all the highs and lows of a compelling thriller.”


A dangerous cult disbanded years ago. Now they’re back, and they want revenge.

Alex Mercer spends his spare time operating a blog for missing children—a pastime inspired by his daughter’s recent disappearance. Another relative goes missing. As he follows up on leads coming into his site, the police department is inundated with a rash of missing persons cases. The incidents seem unrelated until evidence ties the cases to a dilapidated apartment building known for its unsavory clientele. Suspicion falls on a disbanded cult. The same cult Alex’s own relatives had managed to escape from and bring down a decade earlier.

The cult leaders, recently released or escaped from prison, reassemble their members and mandate a new mission to capture and kill all those responsible for the breakdown of their community. After another loved one disappears, Alex is ready to rescue the missing people from certain death. But will he get there in time?

“Complex and fascinating. The author builds the tension from the start, until you almost can’t stand the suspense!”

“Another great thriller written by a woman who apparently has a great imagination. It pulls you in and gets your heart racing quickly.”

“The way this author conveys emotions to the reader in nothing short than Divine, and the vividness of her characters are outstanding and remarkable.”


He’s dedicated his life to saving missing persons, but will it be enough to save himself?

Alex Mercer traded in his troubled past to protect the powerless. His blog for tracking down missing persons got his foot in the door at the police academy. But on his first day of training, a heroic act drops him into the hands of the captors he once hunted.

Zoey planned to tell Alex how she felt the night he disappeared. As she and Alex’s family discover the bloody signs of his fate, past regrets and dark secrets begin to come to light. It’s enough to tear Alex’s loved ones apart.

Without hope of rescue, Alex must rely on his cunning to escape captivity. In his line of work, he knows all too well that each passing hour could kill his chances of survival…


“This book had the best setting, victim, turn of events and definitely the best climax and resolution. I think that the suspense in this book had me on the edge of my seat the whole time.”

“Stacy Claflin writes a story in such a way that the reader gets a full and rich understanding of the characters and their strengths and weaknesses.”

“A page-turner for sure.”


It started as a day like any other for Alex Mercer. Then he heard the news. Something that only happens in other places is happening in his hometown.

Just a few miles away at his daughter’s middle school, a shooter is on the loose. Alex does what every other parent in town does—he races to the school to find out if his loved ones are safe.

His world falls apart around him, and he can’t turn to his best friend because they’re both dealing with scathing terror.
As the motive behind the shooting comes to light, secrets and betrayals spiral out of control.

Will Alex give into old temptations in the face of the current situation, or will he be able to move past everything and help those he loves the most?


“An engrossing and entertaining read! I love this author’s imagination.”

“Never have I read a fiction book that touched so many emotions. The fear, the tears, the joy. Stacy Claflin is an awesome author, from the first book of hers I read, I was hooked.”

“Ms. Claflin sucks you into the story so deep that your emotions are intertwined with the story. My heart was racing along with the story!”


Alex Mercer and his fiancée Zoey have weathered many storms, but this latest one might be too much for even them. She’s hiding a secret she fears will send him running for the hills, and she has to tell him before he finds out on his own. Time is definitely not on her side. But with his busy hours at the police academy, there hardly seems a moment to open up to him.

Alex knows something is wrong with Zoey, but he’s too preoccupied to dig into it. Not only is the academy leaving him physically and mentally drained, he’s convinced he’s seeing Flynn Myer, the man who is supposedly in jail for abducting his daughter. No one believes him, but then he starts getting texts trying to arrange a meeting between him Myer.

Meanwhile, Alex’s boss and mentor, Captain Nick Fleshman, is on the case of a serial killer whose burial ground has been unearthed at the home of one of his deputies—one he has a secret relationship with. While he considers the implications of recusing himself, her father becomes the prime suspect.

Alex wants to help Nick and needs to help Zoey, all while trying to put the Myer case to bed for good. But everyone’s secrets are slowing him down, and the killer is on the prowl again. Alex needs more time, but that’s the one thing no one has left.


“Having two major story threads makes for a complex read. I did not find it confusing, though. Lots of twists and surprises make for a suspenseful read!”

“The story lines are well thought out; the characters are evolving more with each book; and the dialog is realistic, believable. This is a dark subject and Ms. Claflin has done another wonderful job with her vivid descriptions, characters and twisting plot.”

“Another high tension Alex Mercer thriller, great writing and tight, suspenseful plot.”


Jess McAdams dotes on her four children and gives advice and suggestions to parents all around the world. No one would ever question her love and devotion to her children, let alone suspect her of murdering one. But Alex Mercer does.

Alex has plenty of experience investigating crimes involving missing kids. So when he senses something is wrong, he trusts his instincts. The only problem is, he’s a newly deputized officer of the law. If he’s wrong about Jess, he’ll destroy his career before it gets off the ground.

He receives a tip that Jess has suddenly stopped posting about one of her children. It’s almost as if he never existed, except her old blog posts show otherwise. The deeper Alex digs, the more twisted and sinister things look. His precinct’s resources would be invaluable to his investigation, but his commanding officer isn’t convinced the case is local and turns him down. And Alex doesn’t have the evidence to sway his captain—yet.

His only chance at finding the proof he needs is by using the resources he’s been denied. But Alex will stop at nothing until he finds the mommy blogger and saves the children he knows are in danger—even at the risk of losing his dream job—because he knows he’s right. And with young lives on the line, there’s a lot more at stake than his career.

“This series hasn’t slowed down one bit! Fast-paced, exciting. Characters you can understand and relate to. Real families. Can not get enough of this author!!”

“The characters grab onto you and keep you in the story with them.”

“What a roller coaster ride.” 


A traumatized girl wakes in the hospital with no memory of how she got there. Or of anything else. Her only thought is to find the one person she remembers—her Uncle Alex.

When the authorities contact Alex Mercer, he rushes to the hospital. He’s surprised to find it’s his cousin Ayla. Shocked to see the condition she’s in. Stunned to learn her parents are missing.

Alex welcomes her into his home, and the family rallies around her as she tries to recover. But progress is slow, and for every step forward, she backslides. Compounding the problem is the mounting evidence that none of this was an accident. And the answers to the mystery are locked in her fragile mind.

Ayla is scared she’ll never remember. Even more frightened she will—and she won’t like what she recalls. But when she comes face to face with the worst memory of all, she realizes so much more than her history is at stake. And it might be too late to do anything about it.

“The suspense to be felt from a Claflin novel is over-the-top, out-of-this-world enjoyable and tense! I could not put this book down!”

“Another thrilling ride in the series.”

“Terrific (in all senses of the word)! I don’t know how she does it but author Stacy Claflin got my adrenaline rushing once again with this gorgeous thriller centered on young policeman Alex Mercer and his hapless family and friends. Such a treat to read: fast paced, with so many twists, great writing and another crazed villain.”


Someone is going to great lengths to destroy Alex Mercer’s life.

On the surface, the Mercers are finally settling into a comfortable routine—Alex’s job is going great, he’s accepted his unusual family dynamics, and they’re even planning a dream vacation. Things couldn’t be better.

Or could they?

Dig a little deeper, and the problems are growing out of control. Someone is threatening to ruin Alex, his wife is harboring a shocking secret, and their daughter is hiding a dangerous new relationship.

If Alex’s cyber-stalker doesn’t get him first, his family could implode on its own. If he can’t unravel the tangled mess in time, he might lose everything—and everyone—he holds dear.

“This story is clever, engrossing, and entertaining. Surprises and twists, plus an ending that makes you happily anticipate more Alex Mercer books.”

“Ms. Claflin has a writing style that really lends itself to these fast paced thrillers. She hooks you into the story from the beginning with the threat of danger & keeps you involved until the end.”

“I can never get enough of this author! I love her books, and the Alex Mercer series is so intense, I get upset when the book is done…and excited when a new one comes out.”


Author Note: This is a spin-off series from my USA Today best-selling Gone Trilogy.