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After a lifetime with no knowledge of her parents, troubled seventeen-year-old Fallon Webb receives a necklace once belonging to her mother. The amulet leads her on a life-changing journey through a portal to a foreign land where she encounters unusual creatures, shape-shifters, and something she’s always longed for—family.

In Ariboslia, Fallon learns her mother is alive. Vampire-like creatures have her, and many others, captive. Most distressing is the prophecy that devastated her family. Can she trust it? Because if it’s right, Fallon must destroy the vampires’ leader—her uncle—to rescue her mother and free her people from the threat.

Unprepared and afraid, Fallon sets out on the journey, with no skills to assist her quest and no other way home. In her travels, she learns about the One True God and how desperately she needs Him. Perhaps, with His help, she’ll find a way to fulfill her destiny and stay alive.

“The characters were very well written and I was able to get caught up in what was happening and forget that I was in an alternate realm of reality.”

“Met the author on a missions last year. When she told me she’s written a book involving vampires I told her they gave me the creeps. I avoided anything to do with them. But… I read the book and was fascinated with the development of characters, the story line, and descriptions. Now I can’t wait to read the next book!”


The long-awaited day has come, Fallon’s eighteenth birthday. Her chance to return to Ariboslia and aid her friends in the battle against vampire-like creatures—the fasgadair. This time, she knows what she’s up against. This time, she’s prepared.

Or is she?

Unlike last time, Fallon knows who her friends are. She knows her enemy. She knows her abilities and what her blood can do—redeem fasgadair. But how can she save a few when thousands want to destroy her?

Shortly after Fallon’s return, fasgadair overrun the last refuge and push survivors across the sea to a land from which none has ever returned. There they meet a hostile race. With enemies squeezing in on all sides, even infiltrating Fallon’s mind, she struggles to continue her quest. But if she fails to find her way back, the fasgadair will rule Ariboslia with no hope of redemption … and Fallon and her friends will die.

Fast-paced, exciting, poignant, and rich in detail and character development, this book is a keeper. I am amazed at how an entire world can be created from someone’s imagination in such rich and vibrant detail. I love a book where there are real heroes, too. Where right and wrong are clearly defined and the heroes live sacrificially with bravery and courage and kindness. All of that is present in Adrift.”

“What a fantastic world with some exciting twists and an undercurrent of something deeper. I love the way the author connects our world to the one in the stories. The characters are easy to love and the heroine feels real and honest as she battles terrifying creatures and her own inner turmoil. This a must read series!”


Author Note: Semi-finalist for ACFW First Impressions contest. Indie BRAG honoree.

I tried writing it many times since high school. I just couldn’t get it right. After I returned to God, it became a Christian story and practically wrote itself.