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Ten-year-old Benny found the drunken cart driver who caused his father’s death, but he’s got bigger mysteries to solve. A long, sharp knife, a bag of disguises and a savage black stallion don’t reassure Benny about his traveling companion to frontier Missouri. Still, Benny can’t shake the Scripture’s promise that God “will never leave thee nor forsake thee.”

“This book is EXCELLENT! I read it aloud to our 10 year old and as soon as we had finished it he said, ‘We’re going to keep this, right? Are there any more books about Benny?'”

“This is an adventure-filled tale with n’ary a dull moment. You’ll be amazed at Benny’s maturity and cry with him at his vulnerability, but there are a lot of good lessons to be learned along the way, and you won’t be upset with the ending. This is great Christian historical fiction.”

“It was very much enjoyed by all, ages 7, 10, 13, 15 and Mom. The author did an excellent job of weaving truth into the story that is sure to help all of us in the midst of trials to keep our eyes on our Lord, and His love, promises and faithfulness. My younger children, especially, loved the ending… they laughed, clapped, bounced (on Mom and Dad’s bed, our favorite read-aloud place), and thanked me for reading it to them.”


What could be easier than getting Benny’s mother remarried? Delay after delay of every one of Benny’s plans shows him he may have to wait for God to “Make all things new.” Identical twins Rose and Violet Mitchell make Benny’s head spin. A mysterious secret society at his boarding school might have deadly plans for Benny. Has Benny’s Doctor Dad prepared him for times as hard as these, even for the temptation of the privilege and comfort his grandfather’s wealth can give him?

“Much more happens in this once again GREAT book from Mary Findley. The thread of the gospel along with behaving in an upright manner is throughout this book. You can let your child read this book independently with no fear that you will have awkward questions to answer afterwards! As for our family, we read it aloud and thoroughly enjoyed it. SUPERB!”


Ben Carlisle’s longtime dream has been to travel west with his family. When he is offered a newspaper job in Detroit, he is forced to question whether moving west is really God’s will for him. Can he leave behind his grandfather, the girl he thought he loved, and an opportunity few writers could even dream about? Can he risk the life of one of his best friends, or face an old enemy head-on? What price will he have to pay just to make his writing live?

“As a family, we have thoroughly enjoyed “meeting” Benny and his family and going along with him on his adventures which have been truly amazing. Highly recommend these books for family time, reading aloud etc. The gospel of Jesus Christ is threaded throughout these books.”


As soon as Violet arrives with the wagon train Ben can finally be married. But is she truly in love with Ben, or with the five or six trunks of things her letters say she can’t do without?
When trouble stalks the widowed young schoolteacher, will Ben go past protecting her and threaten both their futures? What will it take to stop a violent drunk determined to possess his dead brother’s wife?

How can Ben save Violet and himself from a ruthless outlaw gang? Will he ever stop paying for that headline, or even live to tell it at all? An avenger of blood looking to settle scores is not the only thing Ben discovers when he helps a man with a past.

Everything Ben has worked and prayed and bled for could be washed away in a day. Can an unexpected visitor from the past change the course of a raging flood with Cascade right in its path?

“It’s amazing how the author has the ability to change up things and the plot. This keeps you guessing and wanting to continue reading her books. I found this book more action packed with great mysteries along the way that I didn’t want to put this book down.”


Author Note: Our former pastor actually advertised this book in our church. He appreciated the historical accuracy, being a longtime Pennsylvania resident (the book begins in PA).

Content Advisory: As the series progresses, the subject matter may not be appropriate for younger audiences even though the first two books are great for reading aloud with the whole family.