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BlueHydrangeas EBOOK cover

What if the person who knew you best and loved you most forgot your face, and couldn’t remember your name?

“A very well written account of the heart-rending experience of a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease and the whole family’s involvement.”

“As a caregiver for my mom it was nice to read the look from the caregivers point of view. Thanks for this book.”

Author note: One day at work as a hospital case manager, I met a fascinating couple who were in their 80’s.  She was a lovely woman, so pretty, and had Alzheimer’s.  I’d ask her a question and she’d try to answer but then say, “Oh, I’m so mixed up,” and laugh, quite charming.  Her husband was frail, an amiable sort of guy, and devoted to her.  The discharge plan was for her to go to a local nursing home for rehab (she’d broken her pelvis).  Her son was present and he told me to make sure his parents didn’t leave the hospital without him the next day; he planned to take them to the nursing home and check her in.  Later on, I couldn’t stop thinking about them, wondering what would happen if they left the hospital without their son.  Where would they go?  What would they do?  Thus, the seeds of Blue Hydrangeas were sown, my wild writer’s imagination took off, and the story began to grow.

Many people tell me the story reminds them of Nicholas Sparks’ The Notebook.  It does share many of the same elements – Alzheimer’s, the husband’s devotion to his wife, the family’s not understanding that devotion – but it’s also different.  Blue Hydrangeas does not go into Jack and Sara’s early days or when they fell in love.  It’s more about her illness and its effect on their lifestyle and relationship.  My book is unique because there aren’t many novels about Alzheimer’s, although 5.5 million people are suffering from it right now.
It’s Christmas Eve, and as Sara waits for her husband and son to arrive home to Blue Hydrangeas, their Cape Cod bed and breakfast, a blizzard threatens to close the bridges, stranding all travelers to and from the Cape. As she prepares for the holiday, unexpected visitors arrive, all sharing the common bond of grief. Sara is determined the storm and sadness will not spoil Christmas, and ensures Santa will find his way to two fatherless children far from home.
“What a wonderful story! I just had to read till the end, could not put it down! I am looking forward to other stories taking place at Blue Hydrangeas! As a native New Englander I was able to see in my mind the Cape in my mind’s eye. Ms. Sciucco gave us some real good descriptions, I felt like I knew where they were which made it so authentic to me. I would like to visit Blue Hydrangeas again and again. The story was so heartfelt and realistic.”
“Having read “Blue Hydrangeas” a few years ago, it was lovely to revisit Jack and Sara in this prequel. I especially enjoyed getting to know the “Sara before dementia.” Delight yourself by reading this magical short story, set during the season when love shines especially bright.”
Author Note: A sweet slice-of-life story about loved ones and strangers coming together to share the spirit of Christmas. This is a prequel, based on the blizzard of ’78.