BOOK REVIEW: Call of Brindelier

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Book: Call of Brindelier

Author: Missy Sheldrake

Reviewer: LR


I absolutely love this series. It just keeps on giving and I keep waiting for what sometimes feels like the inevitable “bad book of the bunch” to show up but so far this series is holding strong.

Brindelier starts off with the country on shaky ground as the prince’s trial has taken far too long as the king is reluctant–understandably–to resolve the trial when he knows it’ll mean his son’s death.

The country is falling apart, everyone is uneasy, and in the depths of the city darkness grows. This had a new sinister edge to it that wasn’t in the previous books. This evil feels different, more eerie.

I felt annoyed a few times with Tib who has a severe dislike for all mages across the board. And his own issues get in the way at a key point which resulted in major harm that wasn’t rectified. It felt like he was so bent on having the last punch, on accomplishing other things first, that he sacrificed a person’s well-being. I could understand making a grave error that results in someone else getting hurt. I can understand failing to fix the problem. But I felt like Tibs didn’t even try. In fact, I felt like everyone was kind of unconcerned about the person in trouble. When Tibs has a chance to at least attempt a rescue he chooses to go after a needed item first and then doesn’t have time to go for the person. Why didn’t he go after the person first? Why didn’t anyone try–despite the risk to save the person? That was my biggest issue with the story.

I also had to roll my eyes at the number of girls that fawned over Tib. Like, oooh, lonely, distant, reclusive boy. So cute. Rian’s poking fun at Tib’s oblivious nature was funny. But I did think having 3 girls be all googly eyed over Tib was a bit much. I also felt like the mutual attraction between him and one of the girls came out of nowhere. There didn’t feel to be any sort of standard that explained why either one was all doe-eyed over the other. I’m not a fan of love triangles, so I can’t say this new addition of starcrossed lovers and so many girls liking Tib and who will he end up with being added to this series. Fingers crossed it doesn’t take forefront in future books.

Other then that, I really enjoyed this. I liked seeing so much of Azi and Rian–I missed them last book as it felt like they were secondary to Tibs–and it was interesting to see all the changes Azi had to go through and how both her and Margy had to face their differences and step out of their comfort zones.

As always, I really admire Rian’s character. He does such a great job of facing his struggles and being honest about them. Sheldrake does an amazing job of writing him and making him seem like someone that you really can trust. It’s not that he doesn’t struggle, or that he doesn’t slip up, but his control and morals are truly some of the best parts of who he is.

I loved the fairy’s decision on what they needed to change to be an active part of Cerion’s future. That was so fun to see more of their culture and see how they interacted with humans both in their own place and outside of it.

The battle/fight scenes were very well done and I couldn’t put this down for any action scene. They flowed really smoothly and sprang right off the pages and into my imagination