BOOK REVIEW: Call of Kythshire

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Book: Call of Kythshire

Author: Missy Sheldrake

Reviewer: LR

One of my few 5 star reads this year.

Great characters. I loved Azi and Rian. The story line was super interesting. I loved that the characters felt more like adults in terms of their thinking, dialogue, actions, and that they weren’t really answering much to parents (It felt more like they had to answer to rulers, higher ranking guild members, etc.).

I’m not a huge romance person because I’m very picky about it. That being said, when romance is done the way I like it, I love it. This was one of those romances. It wasn’t the biggest thing happening, no love triangle, the characters started out as best friends, and overall it had a lot of characteristics that I really enjoy.

Great layers to so many of the other characters as well. The villains, the secondary characters, they were three dimensional. The world was simple in a sense, but intriguing in that simplicity. You have a pretty ordinary medieval fantasy type world and then a fairy realm. The story didn’t get lost in trying to build a confusing world and the connections between the ordinary and extraordinary were unique.