BOOK REVIEW: Call of Sunteri

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Book: Call of Sunteri

Author: Missy Sheldrake

Reviewer: LR


I read the first book earlier this year and loved it. It’s been a few months so I was a little confused when this one started. I didn’t know where I was or who the character was. The weird whispering in his head I was also like, what is that?! But that one was explained and I got to be like HA, I knew it!

Anyway, it took me a bit to get into this because I had been looking forward to getting back with the two MC’s from the first book and was antsy that it took awhile. Also, there’s a huge difference in reading a book from two 17 year old’s pov and then picking up a book that spends a good portion of the time in the pov of a 12 year old.

I did grow to love Tib though and after the first pov switch to Azi and then back to Tib, I was engaged with his story as well. I don’t know if it was because a lot of the book was in Tib’s pov or if it was just the writing, but I actually ended up not enjoying Azi/Rian’s half of the story as much as I did in the first book. Oddly enough, it was 12 year old Tib’s story I enjoyed the most!

I loved the plot of this and the story was super engaging. I wish I could’ve felt that same connection with Azi and Rian, but even though it didn’t click as much I still really enjoyed them. Also Sheldrake did a good job of making the pov of a 12 year old not so immature as to feel like I was switching between a YA story and an MG one. And it fit him. Tib’s been through a lot so it made sense that his voice would be older.

I ended up wanting to stab that stupid little Merlin. Ugh! He made me so mad! I wanted to snatch Tib and start running. Stop messing with the poor boy’s head!!!

Hmm, uh, other than that I’d have to say that I was ready to get all mad when it looked like there’d be a love triangle and then BAM there wasn’t one. HA! I hate love triangles and one of the reasons I loved the first book was the refreshing love story between Azi and Rian. I was all ready to be upset about the introduction of that stupid love triangle junk, but it was all a trick. I was happy that was cleared up quickly and explained!

I can’t wait to read the next one!