BOOK REVIEW: Christmas Aria

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Book: Christmas Aria

Author: Kimberly A. Rogers

Reviewer: LR


My friends will tell you that I’m not a romance reader. I’m notorious for avoiding it and being very particular. My husband will tell you though that when a romance plot DOES hook me, I get all mushy about it. There’s nothing more I love than a GOOD romance plot, but I’m very, very, very picky on what that means.

I’m also a bit of a nut for regency stories, and that’s why I was willing to give this a go.

All of that to say, when I tell you I loved this book, I mean, I really loved it. Aria and Brenton were wonderful characters who are so unsure of themselves, and yet so obviously in love. Aria is 19 and determined to prove her love and capability of being a wife. Brenton is 32 and, though past the age where people expected him to marry, something about Aria launched him headfirst into marriage.

That told me from the start that he really did love her. He’s more confident, both a combination of his age/experience and gender, I’m sure.

Aria meanwhile has to battle with the normal problems of the era, namely scandal and having to worry about a man’s word being believed over her own.

Brenton’s nasty cousin, Oswald, crashes the manor for Christmas, bringing some friends. Among them is a man who isn’t happy that he didn’t get Aria. Each have their reasons, though different, for bringing Aria to ruin.

Young, unsure of herself, and stuck in a time period where people aren’t as open, blunt with their feelings and speech, she has to try and get herself out of a mess that wasn’t of her making without bringing shame onto herself and Brenton.

I loved Aria’s spunk, how she didn’t give up, but kept trying to push forward. I’m fascinated as always with how people acted and communicated at the time. The two antagonists are properly disagreeable while being three-dimensional.

I would pick up another story by Rogers in this genre in a heartbeat. Absolutely brilliant characters and story arc.