BOOK REVIEW: From the Stories of Old

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Book: From the Stories of Old

Author: Various (Anthology)

Reviewer: LR


There’s something for everyone with these 13 stories. I’d put this probably at a YA level, which it was nice to have all the stories targeting the same age range. A good choice for me as an adult too as they’re clean and that’s what I like.

Matt Dewar’s Female Warrior takes a post-apocalyptic twist on the Ballad of Mulan. The fight scenes were amazing, and I loved the plot twist at the end and how it was handled.

Heather Hayden’s selkie story is the first selkie story I’ve ever enjoyed. I normally HATE selkie stories because they’re always about a mom who abandons her child (and possibly a good husband). Kiesel is a young selkie, who DOESN’T become a parent in the tale, and for the first time I felt myself sad for a selkie’s plight without feeling like they pull a “worst parent” move.

Kelsie Engen’s story has that delightfully mystical feel to it with the characters of Scarlett and Crystal. There’s something about the sisters that is strong, and unique, while the story maintains an olden fairy-tale feel. (ie. the girls come across as self-sufficient and intelligent despite the setting being one where the FMC’s are usually less independent.)

The Goose and His Girl was one of the most original retellings of East of the Sun; West of the Moon that I’ve read. That’s easily one of my top 2 fairy tales, so I was happy to see a version of that. I winced when the poor goose started plucking his own feathers out. I can definitely see how that honking laugh would be grating.

I’d stay that Kris and Krampus scared the stockings off me, but I don’t want to be put on the naughty list. (Okay, so this one was a bit dark for my taste as I’m a fluffy rainbow and unicorn person, but if you like darker tales than this one you’ll love.)

Daughter of the Air took an interesting path with The Little Mermaid. Instead of retelling tale, this takes place after that story ends. Creative, and unique, my only complaint is that I don’t understand why the Sons of Air create storms.

Her Dearest Treasure was my favorite romance retelling. I liked the wit of the FMC and I never stop loving how the story ends. To make a romance believable in so short a time is a true feat and I must take my hat off to the author.

Lots of stories I liked in here. Some are more up my alley than others, but they’re all well-written and I can see the authors put a lot of time into making them.

There’s also an amazing illustration for each story!!! They’re so pretty and now I get to set this book on my shelf. If it ever gets produced in hardcover, I’m definitely going to buy one of those because that cover is made to be in hardcover.