BOOK REVIEW: Joss the Seven

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Book: Joss the Seven

Author: J. Philip Horne

Reviewer: LR


4 stars

Joss is your typical middle school boy who likes to goof around and think up a good prank. I don’t read much MG fiction anymore, so it was a little bit of a struggle to connect to Joss. (I’m not, nor ever was a middle school boy.)

That being said, about the 20% marker the plot itself began to really pick up and interest me. I had an idea of what was going on before Joss did, but considering his age and the situation, it felt realistic that he didn’t figure it out sooner.

Joss makes mistakes, but what I love is that he struggles with them. He tries to do the right thing a lot of times, and even when he sets out to do the wrong thing, he struggles with the morality of what he’s doing. He was flawed, but not above learning to be better.

There’s a nice arc from beginning to end where Joss has matured a bit and in general gotten to be a character who’s more empathetic towards other people.

I think if I was the target audience for this, it would’ve been a solid 5 stars. I did really enjoy the story, and watching the events unfold. Well-written, with characters I believe middle-schoolers will be able to relate to.