BOOK REVIEW: King of Malorn

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Book: King of Malorn
Author: Annie Douglass Lima
Reviewer: The Book Dragon

Having read and loved all the previous books in the Annals of Alasia series, I was SO excited to learn this book was finally going to be released! At first I was surprised the story was told through the eyes of minor characters, but it actually worked well to see Korram and Jaymin from other points of view. Princess Kalendria’s character arc works wonderfully well, and Erik, Jaymin’s bodyguard now feels more real (and human) and so sympathetic! The new character, Lasden, is also very sympathetic! There is so much going on but the reader never feels “lost” and the pacing is fantastic, along with the suspense, two things tricky to keep going in a book of this length. But the story is SO good, this reader never once felt anything was dragging or superfluous, and I honestly could have read more. There is a satisfying ending, but I see a couple threads where the author has left herself room to write more about this wonderful fantasy world and its heroic and villainous characters. This has definitely become my favorite fantasy series!

NOTE: It is not necessary to have read the previous books in the series, but you will enjoy it even more if you read the others first, because you’ll see all the characters from the previous books come together here, so it feels like a beautiful tapestry of lives woven together. There is some fantasy violence and a few deaths, but nothing graphic.