BOOK REVIEW: Lucent Sylph

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Book: Lucent Sylph

Author: RJ Conte

Reviewer: LR

Such a sad, but powerful story. Short stories are hard to review, and to write I imagine. I don’t want to give anything away.

Lucent Sylph is a tale of a boy and a Lucent Sylph, Nissa. Lucas never wanted Nissa. He doesn’t want the responsibility, and who would? Every Lucent Sylph dies, either from too much love or not enough. How as a human are you supposed to balance that? Especially as a teen boy with no mother and a father with several issues.

Part of what makes this story so sad, is that currently there’s no solution. The Lucent Sylphs need the humans, and since they look like little crystal fairies, it’s hard for the humans to see them as people. And if you do see them as people, you could kill them with love (accidentally). When Nissa explains why the Lucent Sylphs do what they do, it really made me realize how frustrating the situation was.

The ending wasn’t expected, but I like how it was done. I like that Lucas becomes a stronger person who isn’t afraid to love and reach out, and that he uses his experience and gifts to help other people who are struggling. I hope somewhere in the future there’s a different solution for that world.

Quick read, but definitely worth the little bit of time it takes. It manages to do what every good short story should do: tell a complete story that makes readers feel.