BOOK REVIEW: Magian High

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Book: Magian High

Author: Lia London

Reviewer: LR

5 stars

Magian High is one of three highschools in the city. While it caters to those with magic, the other two schools are for smart kids and physically adept kids.

But not anymore. Not since desegregation won and now the city is split into 3 school districts with everyone of every skill set attending the school their district belongs too.

My favorite thing about this story is that it takes the idea of people learning to accept others who are different and makes that point clear while using a non-earth problem to relay it.

Mages think they’re better, the Wisers think they’re the best, and of course the Corporals believe they’re better than the rest.

There are groups that don’t want this mingling plan to work(for various reasons) and all three sides have been so isolate from each other that fear and suspicion and prejudice abound.

Kincaid really wants there to be unity, but he’s got a long way to go.

This story is about learning to see yourself as others see you, learning to accept those who are different, knowing your strengths and weaknesses, never giving up, not being afraid to do what is right, that people can change, and that love given to the right person not only benefits them, but can elevate you to new heights even though you are giving.