BOOK REVIEW: Memories of Ash

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Book: Memories of Ash

Author: Intisar Khanani

Reviewer: LR

5 stars

Memories of Ash steps it up a notch. As much as I loved Sunbolt, this was even better.

We get to see how much Hitomi has grown. There’s plenty of adventure and heart racing moments. I loved the traveling and meeting new people(and non-humans) and seeing new things. I loved the glimpse into a different culture as Hitomi meets some of her father’s people. I’m really hoping that gets explored more indepth in later books.

I loved how many new characters there were and the variety of loyalty and integrity that they showed. So many characters who helped out Hitomi and had various reasons for doing so–even at risk to themselves. Just a nice cast of well-rounded individuals. I loved that she got to meet backup with Kenta because he’s a character that NEEDS more page time. (Please, please no love triangle in the future. I don’t care if there’s a romance and I don’t care who she chooses but good gravy please don’t make it a love triangle.)

I liked that Hitomi is willing to risk everything to help out Stormwind. It shows a lot about her character and makes it easy to get behind her.

Overall this book is rich in characters, world building, and a unique story.