BOOK REVIEW: Mr. Smith and the Roach

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Book: Mr. Smith and the Roach

Author: J.J. DiBenedetto

Reviewer: Lia London

I first learned about this book when I saw an ad for it on Twitter (of all places). The premise struck me as so bizarre, I had to take a second look. I’m so glad I did.

It’s not every day you lose your entire pension… or find a new roommate that belongs to an entirely different species! John Smith and Sam the six-foot roach come together under strange circumstances, but their fast-forged friendship is a delight to watch. Several mysteries intertwine to keep the action and confusion alive, and I very much enjoyed how it all panned out in the end. Although I guessed a few things, I was caught quite off guard on others. Definitely a well-crafted story. I do hope there’s a series coming!

I’ve read a couple of other books by the author which were good enough, but I love that he ventured out with humor this time. DiBenedetto’s timing and verbiage are charming and chuckle-worthy. I found myself grinning a lot.

As for the audio book factor, the narrator did a decent job of keeping the voices distinct, though I wondered why the prime narrator voice was Brit when the whole thing was set in the U.S. His pacing and energy were good, though, and it made for a great listen on a long road trip.