BOOK REVIEW: Song of the Mountain

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Book: Song of the Mountain

Author: Michelle Isenhoff

Reviewer: LR

5 stars

A wonderfully descriptive and vibrant story. Reading this felt like I’d found a piece of my childhood that I’d forgotten about. To explain, this book gave me the feeling of “I’ve read this before, long ago,” but I know I haven’t. So it felt like finding an old friend, only it was a new one. Kind of like the feeling of coming home but you’ve arrived at a place that emulates home in every manner rather than it being your actual home.

There’s not that many characters as this is a story that has a lot to do with personal growth. It was simple in its use of a bare cast and a “normal” setting and I think that really helped to accent the amazing talent of Isenhoff.

Her descriptions were just WOW. So vivid and real. Though there is an unusual amount of comparisons (especially using like/as)–enough where I did notice there was a lot by chapter 2–they’re so creative and the story is so engaging, that it didn’t detract in anyway for me. It’s more just something I noticed(and can’t help mentioning).

The characters were amazingly in-depth and well-developed. I felt connected to them (especially Song and Karina) and loved the introspective nature of both.

A tale of forgiveness, looking beyond the outside, and learning that enemies don’t care if you hate them, but the hatred can negatively effect you.