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Book: Sunbolt

Author: Intisar Khanani

Reviewer: LR

Right from the start this book was engaging and gripping. I really wanted to know what’d happen next and next and next. Two things I had a quibble with. The first is that I was really interested in where the story started with all the people and what was going on, but once we left that we didn’t come back. The was surprising. There’d been so much energy, and detail to it that I just assumed we’d get back there. Not only didn’t we return but it’s pretty obvious the next book won’t head there(at least right away). The second is that this book is too darn short. I felt like I was really getting into it and things were moving along great. Sprinter going all out and then slamming into a wall. That’s how that felt. It ended and I was like NO! It needed to be about twice as long. *grumble grumble* Overall, really great though. I love Hitomi and watching how she interacted with characters and faced adversity. There’s a lot of action and twists. I like that she’s kind of outside the norm for her “kind” and I think it’ll leave her with the chance to be more open-minded and bridge some gaps. I don’t want to give away too much because the surprises are so important to enjoying this book. If you like fun, flavorful fantasy with a hint of the paranormal this is for you.