BOOK REVIEW: The Alabaster Throne

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Book: The Alabaster Throne

Author: Wilson Harp

Reviewer: LR

4 stars

I may have stayed up way too late reading this last night. And then was up this morning finishing it before I did anything else.

A very intriguing story with great characters that had lots of depth. There were parts that didn’t… well let’s just say I didn’t care for some of the pieces such as the sacrifices, serene’s, crazy gods worshipping that involved people waiting for omens rather than using justice and logic to solve things. BUT, it was fitting for the story. So while I didn’t LIKE some of those aspects, they really brought the story to life. They enhanced the setting and definitely felt like they fit for the time period that it was meant to represent.

The detail in this story was amazing and I can’t explain how alive and vivid it felt.

I wished at times that Tal was a little faster to figure things out. I mean, chapter one I knew his mother was an evil, conniving witch who used the general to push forward her goal of taking over. I mean, it was so clear what her plan was that I felt like for someone as smart as Tal to NOT get it sooner was frustrating.

Overall, a really well done piece that springs off the page. Can’t wait to get to book 2!