BOOK REVIEW: The Collar and the Cavvarach

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Book: The Collar and the Cavvarach

Author: Annie Douglass Lima

Reviewer: LR

5 stars

There was danger, there was fighting, and there was a heart-warming story about a boy who will do anything to save his little sister.

Annie again makes her characters shine out in a story that made me want to charge grizzly bears with nothing but a stick.

From the ex-wife I wanted to stuff in a gunny sack and toss in the river, to Bensin who I wanted to fight side-by-side with.

A story of heroics. A story of morals. A story about characters who aren’t always good or bad. People who have glaring flaws as well as positive traits.

A Watch officer who is kind, a good father, a family man, and fair. But who has no issues with slavery.

A down on his luck coach with strong morals and a belief that slavery is wrong. Who when the chips are down, makes a decision against what he believes in and purchases a slave. His struggle with that choice throughout the book is amazing. I love that it didn’t get swept under the rug and no matter how kind he was to Bensin that it doesn’t justify slavery or his role as an owner.

A kid who will do anything to free his sister, even if it means lying and betraying the trust of the only person who’s shown him kindness and told him that he is just as good as anyone who is free.

Hats off to a great author for delivering another stellar story.