BOOK REVIEW: The Firethorn Crown

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Book: The Firethorn Crown

Author: Lea Doue

Reviewer: LR

5 stars

This story is simply amazing and I could probably gush about it, but I was up too late reading it!!! And now I won’t be my most eloquent self.

I loved, loved, loved this story. The characters were amazing, the plot felt new even though it was a retelling. The descriptions . . . hoooly frogfish. I mean, DouĂ© knocked them out of the park. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen such beautiful descriptions. So vivid that I’m actually upset that I can’t buy paintings of her world. I’d cover my walls in pictures of this place.

Love the connection between the sisters and how there’s more than just one male character. I like that there’s was a new take on the oldest sister, her parents, and the love interest. I liked that there were a couple of decent men that I could imagine having their own stories in the future as well as several of the princesses.

If you love retellings or fantasy, or deep stories with a rich cast of characters READ THIS!!! Read it, love it, don’t read it if you don’t have time to read it in one sitting, because you will miss whatever important thing you had to do to finish this. I should know. I missed out on half a night of sleep on two nights surrounding a party I was hosting(so already dead tired) because I couldn’t put this down.