BOOK REVIEW: Where Carpets Fly

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Book: Where Carpets Fly

Author: Elise Edmonds

Reviewer: LR

There may be bigger things going on in Elina’s world, but she just wants to get out of the boring old family carpet shop. She manages to win permission to move to the city of Kamikan where she can get magic lessons at a private school.

Flying carpets, magic, sailing, and a crazy adventure are waiting.

I loved the worldbuilding with the glowglobes, carpets, biological life, and even the food. It was cool to see the different types of magic and how they could be used. When things start getting out of control for Elina and her friend, Kara, I was like, UGH, because it was all things that you couldn’t do anything about. A series of unfortunate events! Though when Kara stopped at one point, I wanted to drag her onto the ship by her hair.

I did think it was weird how Elina during one of her Cognitive lessons was like, “Oh gosh, does Simeon like me?” because they’d just recently met and there’d been so little book time with them together that I was actually surprised that Elina even considered it since there was no reason to wonder.

There’s a handful of light swear words (I think they’re all h— with maybe one d—.), but other than that it was very clean. No gore or sexual stuff, and the violence was tastefully conveyed. You know, “She clubbed him over the head” type stuff, not descriptions of what that looked like or anything.

It was awesome that Simeon and Elina had a chance to use what they’d been learning. I think Kara’s ordeal helped make the larger situation of what’s going on in this world more personal and close for both Elina and me. It’ll be interesting to see if Elina feels inspired to help and change things for the better.