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One Girl. One Accident. One Incredible Superhero. Cassidy Jones is your typical fourteen-year-old— that is, until a seemingly harmless accident in the laboratory of a world-renowned geneticist turns her world upside down.  Discovering incredible strength, speed, and enhanced physical senses that defy logic, Cassidy embarks on an action-packed adventure that has her fighting for answers…and for her very life.

“Brimful of danger, secrets, a bit of romance and fun, this debut author’s entertaining plot and well-drawn characters not only is all it promises to be, but will leave readers looking for more…”

“With enjoyable characters, a clever plot, and a fast pace, this book could bring a smile to anyone’s lips.”

An Ancient Secret Has Risen. A World In Peril. Can This Evil Menace Be Stopped?  Two months after being infected with a strange retrovirus, Cassidy Jones continues to live a double life as she struggles to master her astonishing superpowers. School has become the only normal thing left in her life—except for tall, dark, and handsome Emery Phillips, who shadows her every move, ensuring her secret is safe. But when a sleepover at Catamount Mountain Zoo takes a menacing turn, the world hovers on the edge of disaster as Cassidy is drawn into another riveting and perilous mystery that threatens the planet. 

“Imaginative!  Modern!   Unpredictable!  Riddled with delightful characters, magical adventure and a captivating plot, Stokes again captures young reader’s attention with another dangerous, action-packed adventure…”

“As in her first book, Elise Stokes proves herself to be a master of suspense for tweens and teens with her ability to unfold a mystery with shocking twists and unexpected turns…” 

Some Secrets Are Better Left Buried… When the mysterious Gavin Phillips returns to Seattle after a prolonged and unexplained absence, he threatens to expose fifteen-year-old Cassidy Jones’s incredible secret: she is a superhero. But his presence is far more sinister than she realizes, for it soon becomes apparent that his hidden agenda holds a dark and dangerous intent that will unleash an unparalleled evil upon an unsuspecting world. Can Cassidy stop him before all is lost?

“I have never had such a physically visceral reaction to any other story I’ve read.  I felt an ache when Cassidy was hurt, fear when her life was in jeopardy, and happiness when she made it through another day.  A solid five star adventure.”

An inhuman evil lurks in the depths of Lake Washington– an evil that walks among us. They look like us…they talk like us…but they are not us. And when Cassidy Jones discovers that they threaten life as we know it, can she summon the power to stop them? In her greatest test yet–and her greatest adventure– the world hangs in the balance against a relentless and insidious adversary: the Luminous.

“Elise Stokes proves she’s more than up to the task of evolving the lives of her characters and upping the stakes in the process.”

“Being a fan of the entire series, I dared think I could predict where the story was going. Wrong! Stokes only added more layers to each of the memorable characters surrounding the intrepid Cassidy Jones.”

The diabolic Metal Woman takes three people hostage. Her ransom demand: the location of a mysterious and unprecedented weapon, rumored to have been a gift to the Third Reich from Vulcan, the Roman god of fire.

When a rescue attempt goes sideways, Cassidy Jones seeks justice. Her quest leads her to the Seattle Underground, where she falls into the grip of an inexplicable evil. Cassidy learns too late that her desire for revenge may cost the life of someone she loves.

Vividly written and heart-stoppingly tense, the action scenes really set the pace and keep me turning pages, well past my normal bedtime.

“Cassidy Jones is growing up, and she’s taking no prisoners. Wow…this book delivered an intense mix of girl power and intrigue, combined with complex relationships and story lines. I ate it up.”

Author note: My family members are precious to me, and I wanted Cassidy’s to be to her as well. However, I had no idea how important a tight-knit family would be to my target audience until I’d received feedback from beta readers for Secret Formula. All six teenage girls had mentioned how much they appreciated Cassidy’s closeness with her parents and brothers.  Also— though they are flawed, just as we all are— I do try to make my main characters good role models. Cassidy, Emery, and Jared exhibit loyalty, courage, kindness, and respect for others and for themselves. Both boys treat Cassidy in a way that I would hope every female would expect to be treated by a male, and visa-versa.