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Growing up is a difficult process for anyone, but for a boy destined to be the Prince Charming of a fairy tale it’s an absolute nightmare. Not only must Lucian learn the things normal boys are taught at school, he must also learn the particulars of quests at Charming Academy for Boys. It’s not going to be easy! There are sarcastic dragons, vindictive witches, and to top it all off Lucian’s princess hates him. Will he survive school to become the Prince Charming his parents believe him to be?

“Fun and charming story that really brings the classic fairy tales to life.”

“The idea behind this book was ingenious. Wrapping together the elements of fairy tale stories into a story was great, but the concept of the school was the greatest part. It had the feel of Harry Potter with friends all studying at a school with magic.”

Allegra is shocked during school to discover that rather than being sent to wait in a tower for her Prince Charming to rescue her, she will be rescuing him. To begin her story, she must first finish school, discover where her prince is hidden and overcome her greatest fears.

Adrian, her prince, is facing challenges of his own. Life as a frog isn’t easy. He must deal with matchmaking frogs and a flirtatious mermaid who is the only one who can see him as he is. Can Allegra find him and make him human again before an unknown enemy keeps him a frog forever?

“I was glad to be able to see from both sides of the tale.”

“A great retelling of the frog prince.”

When Jacobi starts his quest, he knows there will be challenges. But he never would have imagined how difficult being Prince Charming would be. Can he survive the dangers that await him as he looks for his missing princess?

Upon graduation, Clarissa finds herself transported to a world completely foreign to her. The beloved daughter of a king now finds herself a servant to people as cruel as her parents are kind. Every day she watches and waits for her prince to arrive. But will he recognize her when he finds her?

“I also love how fast things came together at the end.”

“Another fun retelling of a fairy tale.”

In a moment of foolishness, Kaelen was transformed into a beast. Only winning the love of his princess can return him to his human form. There’s only one problem: his princess has abandoned him to his fate. He is forced to leave Charming Academy with only Gelasia, his etiquette teacher, to remind him of his former life and who he really is.

As the beast within grows stronger, Kaelen wonders if there could possibly be a girl out there to love him. And will she arrive before the beast utterly consumes him?

“My favorite of the individual stories so far…I’m sucked into a fictional world enough where I care what’s happening.”


A prince without a princess, George has determined to save the Lost Princesses in memory of his beloved Eleanor. These are the girls whose princes, for whatever reason, failed to find them and bring them home. As he struggles to overcome his grief and finish quests never intended for him, George must decide whether he will complete the quest given to him by the fairies, or leave that girl to be forgotten as he rescues others. Little does he know that an old enemy has returned to ensure that he doesn’t find happily ever after for himself or anyone else.

“This book is running away with best in series like a little kid who got the last piece of cake! I’ve enjoyed the series so far, but this book knocked it out of the park.”

Lucian struggled through school to get his princess to fall in love with him. Now they’ve graduated and he’s on a quest to save Moira from her hiding place. Danger lurks around every corner and it soon becomes clear that someone is plotting to see him fail.

Meanwhile Moira is waiting each day for her prince to come. But when she begins to realize what her beloved prince is up against, she wonders whether she’ll ever see him again and if she’ll survive the challenges of her own.


“There were dragons galore, battles everywhere, danger, revenge, dreams that had all sorts of consequences, and lots of new characters. Everything wraps up nice and neat so that while you can imagine there’s more adventures, you’re not left frustrated by open endings.”

Author note: I’ve always loved fairy tales and when visiting home from college, I would tell them to my brother (he’s fifteen years younger than I am). When he was about six, he told me that fairy tales were for girls. I couldn’t have him believing my favorite stories were girly, so I started telling them from the prince’s perspective. As he asked more questions, Charming Academy was born.

Good does overcome evil and you can do anything if you believe in yourself and work hard for it. Happily ever after isn’t something given to you, it’s something you earn.