We recognize that words like “flinch-free” or “clean reads” or “wholesome books” are subjective. Everyone has different triggers that turn them off of a book and other things they scarcely blink at. With that in mind, our aim is to provide books for teens and adults who prefer to refrain from explicit content. Does that mean everything featured on this site is squeaky-clean Disney-Princess pure? Well, no. Many books fall at that end of the spectrum, but others might receive book ratings of “mild” or “moderate”. Think TV and movie ratings like TV14 or PG13. With that in mind, here is what our site can guarantee:

They contain no erotica or sexually explicit scenes. There should be nothing that gives a play-by-play description of a sexual encounter or describes nudity in detail. Mild innuendo, reference to implied sensual or sexual activity that is “off screen” may be used in some books written for adults, but a warning for that will show up in the interview with the author on the book’s page. There may be reference to a person being naked, but not in a sexual context.

They contain minimal offensive language. There should be no use of the “F-word”. Other words commonly considered as swearing and/or racially offensive terms should be used very sparingly, if at all, and only in an effort to mimic speech in times of great duress for a character (and not just peppered in gratuitously). If a book contains potentially offensive language, it will be noted in the interview with the author on the book’s page. The general rule of thumb for “sparingly” is no more than one swear word per 10K words.

They contain no graphic violence or gore. There should be nothing that paints a very specific and horrific image in the reader’s mind. Violence appropriate for war stories, crime stories, etc. may be present, but that will be referenced in the interview with the author on the book’s page. Readers of genres that typically involve violence should note that we aim to keep the “moderate” cap of TV14 / PG13 level.

In addition:

This site will not post books that tear down another belief system, whether political or religious.


To err is human…


I cannot personally read every submission accepted on the site. I take the author’s word for it if they say a work is “clean”. Authors are responsible for alerting readers in the interview if there is anything that might be “PG” or “PG-13” content. IF you find a book here contains offensive material that was not mentioned in the interview, please leave a comment on the page of the book in question. I will be sure to address the matter promptly, which may mean removing the book from the site. In the last five years, this has only happened once, so I think that bodes well for our record. Thank you for your understanding.

Lia London

Creator & Curator of Flinch-Free Fiction

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