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Caity Jones wasted a lot of years waiting for the “two kids, a dog and a white picket fence” dream to come true, but she’s ready to move on now. Letting go of society’s idea of the perfect life, she’s purchased a five-acre property in the small rural town of Willows. She’s determined to live a solitary life and become a writer. And that means staying away from men altogether.

Tom Murray owns and runs the local feed store in Willows. His marriage was a failure but his family is strong, and he can’t imagine a world that didn’t include his three young children. He’s an uncomplicated man, living an uncomplicated life—and he has every intention of keeping it that way.

Both are mature … both have baggage … and both have agendas that don’t include romance.

“Spencer’s prose is, as always, smooth, vivid and measured. Her story rang so true that I realized it could be used as a guide to navigating the trials and tribulations of many modern couples.”

“A feel-good read.”


Katrina Jacobs knows something is missing from her life—even though most would say she has it all. But when she pays a visit to her sister in the sleepy rural town of Willows, she discovers what’s been missing.

Richard Jensen has the looks, the money and the career—now all he needs is the perfect wife. He’s convinced Katrina’s the one; he just needs to make it happen.

Terry Winters doesn’t mind the whispers going on in town—after all, he moved to Willows for his horses, and they don’t listen to rumours.

As Katrina grows fond of Willows, she finds herself caught in a battle between substance and form, learning that having it all isn’t the same as getting it right.

But is it just the town she’s enamoured with?

“A sweet and lovely romance about a young woman trying to decide what she wants from her life and who she really wants to spend it with. The personalities of the two contenders are as different as could be. Their characters are well drawn. The story also provided an interesting glimpse into small town life in Australia. All in all, an enjoyable read with a happily ever after conclusion.”

“As the characters develop and grow, I could related to or connect to everything they went through to find each other. They were both incredibly human and by the end, I was rooting for them louder than their friends and family were!”


The chains from our past can be strong, but sometimes you just need to let go.

With two marriages behind her, and a grown son, Pauline Evans isn’t expecting to ever fall in love again. But when a smooth-talking newcomer sets his sights on her, she begins to wonder.

Allen Bishop has always known he and Pauline would be good together—if only things were different. He’s never told her how he feels, but now he knows if he doesn’t act soon he may never get another chance.

“Ms Spencer deftly handles the progress of her heroine through life’s puzzle of who to choose and even what choices are available. It is realistic and charming.The characters are true to life and the plot has twists to keep you interested. And, of course, there are horses!”

“I enjoyed the book very much! Domestic violence is raised and how the main character escapes it and builds another life but the effects of it such as low self esteem carry one in that future! To be finally overcome. Beautifully written and easy to read!!”


When Jessica Reston’s career hopes nose-dive, her confidence plummets and she believes her only option may be to accept help from her sister who lives overseas. Now, faced with a decision she dreads, Jessica makes a last ditch effort to reinvigorate her career while she house sits for eight weeks at a country property. When she meets the flirtatious farrier and the friendly house-call making veterinarian, Jessica discovers that this house-sitting caper is not what she was expecting; nor is the sleepy rural town of Willows, where she just might find something she didn’t even know she was looking for.

“This book is a standalone read, but if you’ve read the previous books, you’ll be delighted to see some old characters making guest appearances. I also loved the cultural touches included in the story and found myself craving fish and chips!”

“Another one of S.M.Spencer’s great tales. She has a knack of drawing you into her stories and keeping you there. I have loved all the books in this series and would recommend them any lover of sweet romance. The characters were so believable and down to earth. The setting felt so Australian and like a small town community.”


With a double wedding and Christmas fast approaching, love is in the air—or is it?

Of course Debra Franklin is looking forward to her best friend’s wedding; she just wishes she wasn’t dateless again, because even though she’s made plans to leave the small-town gossips behind, she knows the wedding photos with her looking like a spinster will last forever. But when the tall-dark-and-handsome Jim Mitchell, with his cobalt blue eyes shadowed by an American cowboy hat, appears on the scene just a week before the wedding she reckons her problem of being dateless might just be solved.

Megan Saunders has always wanted a White Christmas, and this year she’s having one—in Canada. But getting her wish is a double-edged sword as it means having less time with her best friend, Porter Murray, before he leaves for university. She’s getting her childhood wish fulfilled, so why does her future feel as bleak as a dusty road leading nowhere?

As Debra’s and Jim’s paths cross with the teenagers, they form unusual friendships—and their lives are changed in surprising ways.

“I loved the way Spencer wove two romances together in this sweet romance.”

“Ms Spencer’s latest book, A Chance for Snow, is a heart-warming story, beautifully written story about love, sacrifice, disappointment and fulfillment. I loved the two stories intertwined, and how a person’s age doesn’t always define their level of wisdom.”


Author note: I am a firm believer in the old saying ‘every cloud has a silver lining’. I also believe that things/circumstances/people are not always as they appear. There are a number of characters in this story who are getting another chance … hopefully in the eyes of the readers as well as the other characters. The characters are adults, so there are adult scenes—but the action is primarily behind closed doors, so to speak.  Book 5 was recently awarded an indieBRAG Medallion.