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Billy Hampton discovers all the amazing sites, sounds and aromas of Christmas Town. But things take an ominous turn when Jack Frost shows up. Jack is not a happy-go-lucky winter sprite nipping at children’s noses. He is known as the wicked King of Winter. He is an unpredictable force of nature that has been around long before man walked the Earth. When Nicholas of Myra (Santa) and his elf companions settled in the frozen lands of the north hundreds of years ago, the King of Winter perceived their presence as an intrusion of his icy realm. He wanted to cast them out but Christmas Town was protected by a powerful magic stone called The Heart of Polaris. So, the King of Winter waited patiently over the centuries for a chance to strike.

Now, Billy Hampton accidentally loses the Heart of the Polaris, leaving the town vulnerable to the power and fury of Jack Frost.

“It was a fantasy thrill ride from page one to the end. I was transported to my childhood with every page I read. This book is great for all ages, young and old.”

“A richly woven story which creatively combines elements of Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings, The Polar Express, and all of America’s favorite classic Christmas specials together, resulting in an entirely original and magically entertaining adventure that is guaranteed to be enjoyed by young readers everywhere.”

“This book is destined to become a classic! Filled with wit, wisdom and whimsy it takes you on an adventure where universal forces battle over the future of humanity. I couldn’t put it down. I had to know what the fate of the world would be. Beautifully written and extremely entertaining.”

Author note: I was always a fan of thrilling fantasy epics from the first time I saw the original King Kong as a boy…or Dorothy stepping from her black and white house into the colorful land of Oz. I am also a huge fan of Christmas, spiritually speaking, but also the whole Santa part of it. I believe both can mutually exist because each represent, in my opinion, the giving of one self and generosity. Lately, too many of the recent Christmas movies and shows sound like snooze fests, in my opinion, with titles like “My Dog ate the Christmas Ham’, ‘Mama’s Got a New Dress for Christmas’, ‘Baby’s first Christmas Poop’. As a big TV and movie buff, I took it upon myself to write an epic tale that I would love to see come to life on the big screen one day. If someone else wrote this and made a movie out of it, I would be the first in line to see it…but no one wrote it…so I did.
I don’t believe there is another Christmas story like this one. There are so many elements in this book that I believe are unique. For starters, Christmas Town isn’t just a toy factory, a few houses and Santa’s cottage. James and I really wanted to expand the typical vision of Christmas Town and make it a fully functioning/self-sufficient town. James and I set out to put a fresh spin on some iconic characters and create brand new fantastical elements never before seen in any Christmas story. Without giving away too much detail I will just mention the tourmaline tower, the Heart of Polaris, the grimghouls, Hailstone’s Peak, VAST the seeing wall, Jack Frost’s Soul of Winter crystal, the ship graveyard…and one of my favorite parts of the novel (a chapter James wrote) the journey to the Polaris star…