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My life as I know it is over.

And no, I’m not being dramatic. I’ve been living as a human, but now I have to return to my mermaid roots because my dad is the new king of Valora. As soon as we arrive, he sends me to the Dark Sea Academy. Whispers and glares greet me at every turn. Students accuse my dad of killing the previous king, his brother.

My first night, the most popular girl tries to kill me. I barely escape, only to run into Bash. He’s older and one wrong move from being expelled. Also as gorgeous as he is arrogant. For some reason, he keeps looking at me with concern in his eyes while giving me a crooked smirk. Almost makes me forget all my problems.

But I can’t let myself get side-tracked by him. I won’t. If I’m to survive the academy, I need to focus on staying alive. Unfortunately, that means relying on Bash—and he’s a distraction that could very well cost me everything.

“I could not believe how intensely the raw words portrayed such deep emotions from the very beginning. It’s almost as if from the very first word you are drawn in and just literally sitting in this world, watching, feeling, going through everything that happens.”

I fell in love with all the characters! These books send you on an underwater adventure.”

“It is intriguing and suspenseful, with nuanced characters and strong story lines.”


What’s the point of being a princess if the whole kingdom hates you?

Being a royal should make my life easier, but it only compounds my problems. When my father, the new King of Valora, succeeded the beloved King Tiberius, many of his subjects believed he killed my uncle just to gain the throne. His new policies only make the people hate him more.

Just my luck, they transfer their loathing onto me.

Even my best friend and my boyfriend aren’t enough of a buffer, and I’m continually fending off verbal, and sometimes physical, attacks.

That’s when my powers start growing…

When no one at the academy can—or will—help me learn about my new abilities, I begin to research them on my own. Modern answers seem to be entwined with a terrifying ancient legend.

If the lore is true, my destiny is far more tragic than my present problems. And I don’t know if I can change it.

Or if I should even try.

“Just when you have things figured out… FLIP! Plot thickens. I’m so glad I decided to grab this series.”

“I love the writing style, the mystery, the clues given here and there to help fill in the blanks and more pieces to complete the puzzle.”

“I usually don’t like serial books, but Ms. Claflin’s brilliant development of characters and plots keep me in suspense and eager for the next book.”


Every other princess prepares to rule her kingdom after her father’s death. Me? I have to get ready to rule all underwater kingdoms—after killing my father.

I already fulfilled the prophecy once. Kind of. I have no interest in killing again.

But no one asked what I want.

It’s this stupid Queen Sirena prophecy. My father—my real, biological father—is obsessed. And he’s the king, so he gets what he wants. Namely me, embracing a destiny I fear.

As I come to terms with my new reality, I find myself alone, cut off from my best friend and boyfriend and unable to convince my parents this is all a terrible idea.

My father, the king, wants me to kill him. He’s set plans in motion to make it happen.

I’m too weak to refuse. And hopefully too strong to succeed.

“Mesmerizing and action packed!”

“Ms. Claflin’s enormous skills at developing characters and plots is brilliantly on display here as she weaves the various themes and characters to into a seamless story.”

“Perfect ending to a great trilogy, with wonderful characters and lots of action. Definitely a must read for fantasy and mermaid fans!”

Author Note: This was going to be a Little Mermaid retelling, but then it turned out to be just the opposite!