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Love isn’t a perfect science.

Morgan Jones has always had a knack for setting people up. In a world of swiping pics on dating apps, she wants to give the dating scene a much needed personal touch. This is why she started the Date Maker, a matchmaking service for local college students.

But when Morgan makes a mistake and sends people on the wrong dates, not only does she become a laughingstock around campus, the Date Maker itself comes under scrutiny. Can she salvage the business she’s worked so hard on? Or will everything come crashing down around her? Follow Morgan, Declan, and a host of fun characters as they attempt to find love in less than ideal circumstances.

“Who doesn’t love a comedic love story filled with ups and downs and a mostly ridiculous feud?!”


“This little bundle is a must have! Such cute stories you get to follow as you watch everything wrong become something that is completely right! I loved following all the couples and wondering where they would go to end up with their happily ever after. Each story is a quick read that will leave you unable to do anything else until you know what happens. You will have warm fuzzies in your heart and a huge smile on your face when you are done! Be sure to snag this up so you can experience all the feels!!”


“I love this whole series. It’s fun, funny and upbeat. I loved following along on Morgan’s disastrous attempts of setting people up. The writing is witty and charming. These are perfect for a quick, fun read!”


Author Note: This series of novellas is set in my home town and features some of my favorite (real!) places to visit. There is some mild language.