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It took Klara ten years to become a Sentinel warrior. It took her half-brother four days to get her kicked out.

Klara went through hell to prove herself as a warrior, and then her brother turns up, desperate and on the run from the tyrannical Alchemist Guild. All he asks is for Klara to sacrifice her future for him…

As Klara fights to survive a dragon invasion, the Alchemists search for an excuse to attack the Sentinels. If Klara helps her fugitive brother, she’ll give the Alchemists the justification they seek and doom her country to war.

“It was very refreshing to find myself in a truly original landscape with strange monsters and a wide array of unique world and social elements … and no kings or castles! This story is character-first, and his dynamic brother and sister duo with their sordid past make for some excellent storytelling.”


“Family drama is interwoven seamlessly with factional intrigue, both driven forward by excellent pacing and punchy, well-written action sequences. All of this almost helps you forget the looming, potentially world-ending threat introduced in the beginning until it comes crashing in again as a breathtaking reminder of what is at stake in this world.”