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The novelty of Terrence Morgan’s promotion to chief inspector quickly wears off when he must investigate yet another probable false alarm at Fargenstropple estate, Bloome Manor. However, the nonsense includes an actual mystery which turns dangerous when Blandthorpe Fargenstropple is almost murdered. With a science enthusiast child, a ferret-loving old lady, and a beautiful young debutante as his allies, the chase is on to catch a thief with deadly intentions.

“Outrageous in every way, this mystery is in the style of classic British humor – – – tongue in cheek. The characters are interesting, not the garden variety.”  

“London never misses with her timing. Put it all together and you have the kind of book that will make you grin from beginning to end.”

Author note:  It’s what Monty Python might have done to one of Agatha Christie’s stories.  This is farce, not Sherlock Holmes.   If you want to giggle your way through some curious adventures, pick this one.

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  1. vicky kaseorg

    This book was a delight beginning to end. Great characters, great names, great action and fun. Filled with humor and clever twists. Loved it.