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Princess Katherine has never questioned her duty as the heir to the throne of Maledonia. Never, that is, until she meets a hunter named Naithan and her entire life is thrown into disarray – blissful, dangerous disarray. But in spite of her attraction to the young hunter and his simple lifestyle, as the Crown Princess, betrothed since childhood, bound by her duty, she will never be free to love.

Duty takes on an entirely new meaning for Katherine and Naithan when a fledgling slave trade threatens to divide and destroy Maledonia … and their families. Will they have the courage to risk everything they love to save innocent lives from a fate worse than death? Or will they become the slavers’ next targets?

“The setting is original and detailed, but not so detailed that you get bogged down in it. The characters have depth and multiple facets, neither wholly good or evil, so they feel like real people, with real desires and flaws. I like that you can understand their motivations, even if you don’t agree with the actions that follow from them.”

 “I mostly read it for the romance, but I found myself sucked in to the rest of the plot anyway. The story’s pacing was good, the stakes felt high, and I found myself really invested in the actions and outcomes of the characters as they sought to fight against the slave trade.
“This tale was an amazing journey of courage and honor. Yes, there is a beautiful love story, but what keeps up the tension between the two isn’t silly misunderstandings, but rather the prejudices and intrigues of a kingdom. I loved the characters and their growth, the choices and sacrifices they make. This book is a love story between two people and also a story of the love of a ruler for her people. I loved the twists and turns of the tale. I eagerly look forward to the next book!”


Author Note: I started writing this book as a way of managing my anxiety. The characters’ experiences are in many ways a reflection of that. The idea that love can sustain you through anything is a significant theme through the book, as is the truth that we are never alone even when we feel that we are.

Recommended for ages 12+ for some non-graphic violence and darker themes (slavery, betrayal, murder).