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An evil force terrorizes Arameth, but those out to stop it have a serious problem: their prophesied hero is dead.

When seventeen-year-old Lex wakes up tied to a chair, he faces the shock of his life. Though he can’t remember anything prior to that moment, his captors believe he’s a dangerous magicborn responsible for multiple deaths in their village from years ago… and they’re willing to kill him to even the score.

When Lex allies with those trying to save Arameth, he finds he possesses far greater power and training than he realized, and he determines to use it for good. Lex soon learns the danger is much bigger than he realized – his past mistakes have set in motion the destruction not only of Arameth, but also the worlds beyond. Their fate all lies in Lex’s choice of what he will do next and what kind of person he will become, now that he’s been given another chance.

“Crawford seems to have written this book with the idea of turning traditional fantasy upside down in unusual but believable (in the fictional sense!) ways. It’s an interesting exploration of a world which isn’t quite what it seems, and characters who don’t necessarily ‘belong’. On it’s surface, it’s a fun and imaginative adventure. But just below that, there are some important questions asked through the lenses of its characters, such as, ‘what sort of sacrifice is worth making?’ and ‘Am I morally responsible in a land which isn’t entirely -real- to me?'” 

“The characters are wonderfully relatable and fleshed out, and the world of Arameth itself is incredibly fascinating with it’s insane creatures and inhabitants. This fantasy will excite any book lover with a taste for adventure, mystery, and magic.”

“The ending of this book is going to make you scream – in a good way, of course. To be fair, this entire book is going to make you scream. It’s a bit of an emotional roller-coaster. And by “bit,” I mean a lot. Just… so many feels.”


All chaos broke loose in Arameth in the previous book, but Lex is about to realize that it was only the beginning.

Lex’s love-from-a-previous-life shows up seven years after everyone thought she was dead, but that’s not the biggest shock… she comes bearing a message that could put all their lives at risk. Lex and his friends must now journey across Arameth to save someone dear to them… and to face the one thing that threatens them all.

“Crawford’s epic cliffhanger moves on into book two as the world of Arameth grows. This book, unlike many middle books in a trilogy, was not just “stuffing.” Instead, it amped up the action and did a wonderful job of setting up for book three.”

“You can’t stop for breath or even sleep with this one. The poor characters never catch a break either, but the success of this whole story is the author’s ability to make you feel what the characters are going through. It’s beautiful and wondrous and these are the best things an author can give to readers.”


With everything he cared about most stripped away, Lex is left facing a life-and-death decision… and not only for himself.

In order to defeat Ardis, Lex must first face the truth about himself and his powers… but victory may come at a higher cost than he ever imagined. All of Arameth rides on his ability to face his demons… literally and figuratively.

“The final book in the Lex Chronicles brings everything together nicely, but leaves enough wiggle room for the reader to imagine what might happen next. The third book in the series is equally as strong as the first two, and captures the reader’s attention from word one. There was never a dull moment in the series. Highly recommended.”


Author Note: The world of Arameth took over 10 years to create, and the first book in the series took several different forms before it finally clicked and became The Edge of Nothing. The story explores themes of friendship, courage, honor, and second chances.