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It’s 10 pm on a Friday and the whimpering dog in the alley sounds like it’s about to be killed. Whoever has it chained up like that should be shot. Except it’s not a dog. It’s a creature named Iverog and he claims he’s a Fae. He looks like a demon and how should I know? I didn’t know magic was real till ten minutes ago. What would you do? Would you save him even if it meant losing half of who you are?

I did. My name is Alecia and I’ll be sixteen next month. I didn’t know what I was getting into when I agreed to rescue him, but now goblins have kidnapped my Grandpa and the FBI thinks I’m involved. So, wish me luck. I’m headed to Alfheim to get him back, even if I have to kick all their butts myself.

“Alfheim Seoul is nicely balanced between fantasy and reality, with characters I enjoy and look forward to following into more exciting adventures. I’m very impressed with the use of Ley lines and how to see them. Visually mostly true! Bravo!”

“Coleman seamlessly transports readers from everyday Seattle into the magical realms of Alecia’s new faerie mentor, Iverog, and back again. I would enthusiastically recommend ALFHEIM SEOUL to any who enjoy David Baldacci’s Vega Jane Series, and am looking forward to reading Magic Parcel Service Book 2.”

“Fun story. The author captures what it’s like to be Korean-American.”


It’s been a month since Alecia met Iverog and embarked on a magical journey. Now she is called on to make her first solo delivery and everything seems to be going wrong.

On top of that, everyone seems to think she has stolen something important, something people are willing to kill for.

Can she survive long enough to figure out what has happened and complete her delivery?

“I really enjoyed reading Rush Delivery! There is a refreshing uniqueness about the story that makes it stand out in this genre. I liked the writing – clear and concise. And I thought all of the characters were nicely portrayed.”

“This book really opened up the greater world and added whole new layers of depth to the universe and the people / creatures inhabiting it. All in all, it was written in a light, easy to read manner that really kept me hooked. I’d definitely recommend this one!”

“This is book number two in this wonderful series that I have fallen in love with. I highly recommend this to everyone who loves reading about magic.”