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Everyone knows not to gamble against Captain Rozar, but Sam’s father cannot resist. And Sam pays the price.

Life as a slave aboard a pirate ship is full of danger, so Sam must watch his back and make the right friends to stay alive. Knowing who to trust is tricky, and mistakes are costly.

Can he survive until he is ransomed? And what happens if that day never comes?

“Who knew that seven short chapters could wreak such havoc on a person’s emotions?!”

“Pirate’s Wager is a solid story that stands on its own. It also provides insight into Sam’s character by exploring his background and how he became a part of the crew. If this is the first of Kathrese McKee’s books you’ve read, it gives you a good taste into her excellent world-building, tight plotting, and complex characters.”

“A very quick read, Pirate’s Wager is a novella that introduced me to the world of Marst and Norland and definitely left me intrigued to read more.”


Princess Srilani is honor-bound to rescue the crown prince or die trying. She can’t go home empty-handed. How can she know who to trust when it’s clear they have been betrayed?

When the royal heirs are abducted by pirates, their doom is sealed. They will be executed, or worse, enslaved.

Srilani is forced to make unlikely allies and life-and-death choices. Can she rescue her siblings and their new friends from this hostile land? Can she save her nation from annihilation?

“Perfect blend of intrigue and adventure with well developed characters in a well defined world.”

“The characters are excellent. Srilani is a tough girl who can fight her way out of trouble but also has a vulnerable heart.”

“This book would be a great introduction into fantasy for non-fantasy readers. The world building lacks the fantastical creatures and magical trappings that one would expect from an epic fantasy. But there are kings, kingdoms, cultures, and a huge cast of characters for fantasy lovers to enjoy. More important than anything, this is a wonderful story with characters that will become your friends.”


People are dying but the fever rages on.

When Elilan’s gift of healing fails, rumors start to swirl. She’s a witch. A fraud. Some say, a murderer. What if her gift is actually a curse?

The king assigns Elilan to care for an important prisoner, but what if her best is not good enough? Failure would mean complete disgrace. And break her heart.

“So often companion books are not up to the level of the main titles. Not The Healer’s Curse. It’s tightly written and engaging. While it’s not required reading for Mardan’s Mark, the story goes deeper into the complex politics of the series. I love that Kathrese has a heroine who happens to be black as well as a diverse cast of secondary characters.”

“Although, a standalone novella, it will be an especially enriching experience for those who have already read Mardan’s Mark by the same author, Kathrese McKee.”

“A lovely companion novella to the MARDAN’S MARK series! I thoroughly enjoyed Healer’s Curse; and though we didn’t see the main characters from Mardan’s Mark, I still loved being back in this fabulous fantasy world and meeting new characters!”


When Aldan and Srilani return the heir safely home, they are greeted with coldness and suspicion.

Rumors plague Srilani as she resumes her First Princess duties. Friends are few, and intrigue is around every corner. Who betrayed them before their abduction? Who is plotting treachery now?

Enemies are everywhere, and Aldan desperately needs allies. Keeping his identity secret is essential, but the king is wary, his countrymen are hostile, and time is short.

“Kathrese McKee is an excellent storyteller and Mardan’s Heir is very good read, full of well-developed characters, dramatic settings, and heroic themes. This book has it all: tested-by-fire friendships, heartwarming romance, thrilling fight scenes, and tense intrigue. I could not put it down!”

“I really love the setting of this second book, being back at the palace and all of the intricate plots going on there. It was fascinating!”

“There are so many dynamics I can’t even begin to describe that make this book awesome. We have battles with PTSD and suspicion causing problems for our main character, vengeance from the priests of Azor causing problems for the Northern Kingdom, and prejudice from the Separatists causing problems for both kingdoms.”


Princess Srilani’s father accuses her of treason and then collapses at her feet. Now she must reign as his regent under a cloud of suspicion. Their kingdom is about to be invaded, and she must find the allies she needs to prepare for war.

Will her father recover, and if he does, what will become of her? Can she rely on the man she has rejected to support her cause? Will her true love survive his dangerous quest?

“The ending has a beautiful twist that opens up lots of possibilities and makes things more complicated for our heroine at the same time. I am so excited to see where book 4 will take our heroes!”

“One electrifying adventure!”

“The characters were well fleshed out and compelling.”


Author Note: Back when I taught Reading and English as a Second Language at the middle school level, my eyes were opened to a sad fact: many popular, modern Young Adult books on the school shelves contained material that, in my opinion, is inappropriate and possibly harmful, especially to readers as young as eleven years old. That’s when the idea of writing exciting and appropriate books for this age group took root, and what is more exciting than pirates and princesses?  Mardan’s Mark won the MG/YA category of the 2014 Novel Rocket Launch Pad Contest.