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Sometimes the journey is as important as the destination.

Katie Brown enjoys Eldercare, but knows it’s a mistake to get involved when she could be transferred at any time, even with a guy as nice as Max. Still, with such an interesting patient as Granny, along with a loving church family nearby, this particular assignment has made it tough to stay indifferent.

Then one day she hears of a missing manuscript, written by Granny’s own mother decades ago. As an aspiring writer, Katie is fascinated, and sets out to find this piece of the family history.

In her search she may find more than just an old story. She may find some answers for herself, too.


“A unique story with a one hundred year old story within the story. Loved the symbolism. If you’re a nurse or a caregiver, you will especially love this one.”


“Having worked in Eldercare my self for a few year I could really relate to Katie. A very short story which left me wanting more.” 

Author note: I am the full-time caregiver for my husband’s grandmother. His great-grandmother (Granny’s mom – Rachel Clark Kennedy) was an aspiring author when she wasn’t being a nurse. Back in the early 1900s she wrote books – lots of them. She had at least one full-length novel, wrapped and sealed and sent to herself in the mail. Since the family saw it last, they’d lost track of it. I got it into my head to look for this manuscript. Her complete manuscript is included in ‘Rachel’s Story’, just as she had it 100 years ago, in chapter 5, as it’s being read to her own daughter.