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Getting the flu for her seventeenth birthday wasn’t exactly the gift Jenna Morgan was hoping for. It means no party, no friends, and no fun. But when she recovers, Jenna feels better than well, she feels changed. And when her mom takes her to the local flea market, something they both love, it’s almost enough to make Jenna forget the haunting dreams she’s been having of two faceless boys on a distant beach, each one beckoning her to come with him.

Then, a strange man at the market gifts Jenna a pendant, and her mom freaks out. She drags Jenna home and suddenly announces they’re moving to Georgia.

Jenna knows they’re on the run from someone or something, but she doesn’t know what. And she’ll lose much more than her normal life and her senior year before she finds out why both angels and demons are hunting her.


“This book was written perfectly. Everything that you are looking for in a book was here. You wanted that mystery, the thrill of finding out that you were so wrong at the beginning, and the young romance that blooms to make the story that much more interesting. There was so much intensity in the book, so much loss, you see so much love, you see how hard is to choose right and wrong. It keeps you on your toes all the way through the book.”


“The character development is spot on, and the realistic teenage emotions are great. The colorful cast of secondaries are fantastic as well. Pamela Daniell’s talented writing style swept me up into her world, to where I was fully ready to battle angels and demons. The twists and turns kept my heart pounding cover to cover, and I love that this story is original from others of this genre.”


In the past year, Jenna Connors has discovered she’s a Nephilim, been pursued by angels and demons, and faced a devastating betrayal that left her no choice but to agree to the angel’s ultimatum in order to save someone she loved.

Just when life is getting back to normal, Jenna discovers a shocking secret that threatens to destroy her world once again. Defying the angels to keep them safe, Jenna is thrust into her worst nightmare.


“This is a fast paced story that has you holding your breath from the very first page as these young characters face much more then any typical teenagers…love, anger, danger and of course Defiance.”


“5 huge stars!”


When Dylan made the ultimate sacrifice to save the woman he loves, he never thought he’d see her again. But when he learns she’s still in danger, he’s forced to ally with an old enemy to save her.

With Daniel’s cunning plan to gain ultimate power and a secret that could tear apart Jenna and Dylan forever, they have to act fast before Daniel can use his newest creation against mankind.

“What an ending to Jenna’s journey. I was sad to see it end but was happy to be along for the ride.”

“This story has so much to offer from the love shared between Jenna and Dylan to the nail biting ending. It makes you smile, hold your breath in suspense and cry a little too.”


Author Note: When writing this, I always envisioned Jared Padalacki as Dylan.