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space orvilleThe universe is restless. A brilliant inventor has been kidnapped by a group of diseased refugees seeking a cure for their malady. Meanwhile, two agents are in pursuit of a dangerously powerful and deranged scientist who has escaped from prison with a device that can alter reality and enslave every living mind. When an innocent young man just discovering the freedoms and responsibilities of his teenage years is thrown into the mix, the plots collide with thrilling and often surreal results.

“The brilliance of this book isn’t just confined to the humor. Whelan’s descriptive passages are works of genius in their own right, not to mention the imaginative details that make the world of Space Orville so real in spite of the absurdity of it all. Space Orville truly is a delightfully entertaining adventure. I can easily see it getting picked up by Pixar for their next big blockbuster animated film. Really, it’s that good.”

“Every English major in the country could have a heydey analyzing the hilarious similes and nonces used to paint the picture of various worlds. There were so many times when I just stopped and grinned, thinking, ‘I wish I’d thought to describe it that way!’ It’s like Dr. Seuss meets Hitchhiker’s Guide.”

Author note: ¬†While I take pride in the fact that there is not a single “bad” word in the book, there is some imagery that might shake up some readers. Part of the book takes place in Narvosis, the land of dreaming, and there is a climax there in Malfiria, the realm of nightmares, which can get pretty dark. ¬†Still, I tried to maintain a surreal tone that would keep it from being too realistically gruesome.