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When the Great War breaks out, Cecilia Carroway lies about her age and enlists as a pilot. She earns her Ace nickname, but she’s shot down behind enemy lines and imprisoned. She meets five motley fellow prisoners Quack, Bert, Sam, Tombstone, and Gooper. Escape is hard enough, but Ace won’t go without sabotaging the enemy’s war machine. Add in Minister of Technology Darko Dor’s plan to kidnap Ace, and Ace Carroway’s chances of survival drop to zero.

So, about average.

“This novella kind of reminded me of a top-notch 60s movie, The Great Escape, in some ways. There’s something old-fashioned about the style, and the story deals with a serious war without taking itself too seriously, but also without being a mere joke. I could laugh at some parts, while other parts hit me in the gut.”

“This was such an enjoyable adventure! Ace Carroway is a character I rooted for through the whole book, and even the other characters that join her later in her adventure are quite well-developed, accents and all. This is a fast-paced, action-packed novel that moved quite swiftly, and it was easy to simply keep on reading without wanting to put it down.”

“What a fun book! It’s so rare to find a strong female character like this in an action novel! Ace “MacGyvers” herself and her team out her numerous perils. Because this is set during WWI, the technology used is intriguing and informative and clever and tons of fun!”


In 1921, in the quiet seaside town of Hyannis, shipbuilder Grant Carroway dies in a hail of bullets. Cynical cop Drew Lucy investigates the case. When Grant’s know-it-all daughter Cecilia barges into the crime scene, Lucy puts her at the top of the suspect list. Nine times out of ten, murder’s a family affair.

Pilot Cecilia “Ace” Carroway thinks the hit was masterminded by a Great War tyrant she remembers killing. Is the shadowy Darko Dor still alive?

It sounds farfetched to Drew Lucy until he finds himself dodging bullets and grenades. He’d better get wise quick, or somebody else is going to die.

“Here we have an American crime adventure set in the 1920s that first made me think “crime noir.” Only this story isn’t exactly super-dark or laden with sex or anything. In fact, it includes a nice share of humor with its intrigue, and though it isn’t a comedy or the lightest of reading, I found it to be a lot of fun.”

“A quick-witted, rollicking story with the inimitable Ace at the helm again.”

“A fast-paced read that’s fun from beginning to end. The iconic characters, settings and lingo add color and life to the story, and give it a really appealing nostalgic feel – especially if you love history, which I do. I loved Ace – she was cool, tough, and ultra-smart, but she was classy and likable. Great character descriptions, great action sequences – I can’t wait to read more.”


It’s 1921 and the world mourns the disappearance of aviatrix Cecilia “Ace” Carroway, lost during a ’round-the-world attempt. Barely, Ace survives what she knows was an assassination masterminded by underworld kingpin Darko Dor. In secret, she gathers her five wartime comrades and opens a detective agency, intending to hunt Dor and his ilk.

Before the paint dries on the door, Ratface the mugger strikes, a chemist is kidnapped, and rumors surface of a shadowy hideaway called Smuggler’s Crossroads.

Furthermore, at her very first public appearance, a pair of handsome gentlemen vie for her attentions in outrageous style. Is this shower of fragrant flowers and honeyed words too good to be true?

Why, yes. Yes, it is. It’s a trap, and if Ace doesn’t connect all the clues in time, the shadowy Darko Dor will win another victory.

“I ate up this book as I did the previous two. I got such a kick out of seeing the whole motley gang back together again.”

“Creative and unique! I found this story quirky and enjoyable. Ace was definitely memorable character! Cool characters and an interesting story line! Highly recommend!”

“This book would make a great television series due to its light-hearted humor. I liked the criminals’ names also: Ratface, Darryl Dashing and Darko Dor are bad guys with unique personalities.”


From expertly landing a fighter plane to captivating audiences with a piano solo to setting a broken bone, there’s little that mystery woman Ace Carroway can’t do. At her startup detective agency, she and her motley crew of associates await their next case.

They don’t have long to wait. Their newest mystery promenades through the door in the svelte shape of a Broadway actress. She hires them to recover her stolen painting. Straightforward?

No. The thespian is kidnapped just as a chilling, unearthly growl reverberates through the air. When the eerie snarl rips through the air again, it signals a gas attack. Again, and this time it’s murder.

It’s abundantly clear that asking questions is liable to end in death. Ace must find the painting, save the actress, and figure out what the ominous growling means, all before she gets shot full of daylight. Things look mighty grim for the maverick heroine. Can she come out on top this time?

Of course not. It’s impossible.

But then again, the impossible is what Ace Carroway does best.

“I love the visual descriptions and the humorous interaction between Ace and her faithful and eclectic hodgepodge of friends. A gumshoe detective agency set in a post WWI era is perfect. The detective agency is a great melting pot for this bunch of war heroes to focus their energies.”

“This book is non-stop, adventurous fun–a true throwback to the Dick Tracy era, complete with goons with ugly mugs and all the 20s lingo you could ever want. It’s also funny and charming. But what I enjoyed most about it is the way the writer plays with language. You can tell he has almost as much fun with the lyrical composition as he does with the story itself. It could so easily have become over-the-top schtick, but it was artfully and graciously executed, and delightful to indulge in.”

“Each personality is so well developed that with each book you’ll feel like you’re picking up with old friends again, and the 1920’s noir era their world is set in will captivate you.”


Author Note: Pulp style adventures set in 1920 with a kickin’ female hero, Cecilia “Ace” Carroway. Think Amelia Earhart crossed with Indiana Jones. Or Nancy Drew on adrenaline.