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What happens when your dreams are better than reality?

Ash has been dreaming about Wyn, he’s different from anyone she’s ever met before. He’s been trying to convince her that he’s real and he needs her help.

It’s like something out of a fairy tale, and we all know fairy tales aren’t true… right?

“Quite an exciting story. I enjoyed the twist on the Elves travelling to Tasmania, and the refreshing take on the new girl in school actually fitting in, rather than being bullied and ostracized.”

“It is written with a fresh and interesting story line and characters that you love and love to hate. All the elements are there… the romance, the villainy and the fantasy.”

“I wish I could fall asleep and join their world!”


Ash is determined to help Wyn fight against the evil King Rothlyn and return him to his rightful place as Prince of Alora.

Elven children are in danger as Rothlyn seeks to take their power for himself. Ash and Wyn vow to do whatever it takes to rescue them. Can they save the Elven children of Alora and defeat Rothlyn before he destroys all that is good in Alora?

As they battle to defeat Rothlyn, will the price of success be higher than they ever dreamed?

Within the Dream definitely lives up to, even surpasses the first in this series. Again, the perfect mix of relationship building and action.”

“Such imagination and intrigue!”

“The transition from book one is seamless, although this story could itself be a stand alone adventure. The tension in this story was like a magic carpet ride, passing through storms and back into calm air till we (the reader) finally arrives at a satisfying destination.”


Just when Ash thought her life was perfect, things have begun to fall apart. If Wyn wants to become King, he will have to give up on a life with Ash.

A new threat comes from across the ocean, the Onvyr Elves have never held to the honour code. After years of wanting to rule Alora, will they finally gain a foothold and destroy the hard won peace Ash and Wyn have fought so hard for?
Wyn will have to face the ultimate challenge if he wants to become King. Will he have the strength he needs to fight for the throne again?

Things have never looked darker in Alora. Can Ash and Wyn prevail and find their happily ever after?

“A good ending to a good series. I really enjoyed these three books and read them in record time.”

“This book has everything- wonderful highs, dark lows, romance, pain, love and heartbreak and more love. Lots of action too. I loved this series so much I will read everything Lara Wynter writes!”

“I know that might sound like an odd phrase to use to describe in a novel where the characters travel to an ‘unearthly’ fantasy land, but the human and elf interactions seemed so real, that sometimes I forgot I was reading an illusory work of fiction.”


Who do you trust when those closest to you turn traitor?

Wyndelleu, Elven Prince of Alora, is forced to flee when his uncle Rothlyn kills his father, the King of the Elves. With only three trusted friends by his side and two years before he comes into his full powers, Wyn is forced to live in secret…for now. But a time is coming when the bonds that hold him will be broken.

Until then, he must wait and watch and use every opportunity to strike out at his enemy.


Author Note: This series has been very well received by young teens and in particular reluctant readers have enjoyed the series even if they don’t normally read. I wrote this book for younger readers because of the amount of YA books that show romance between two teens in such a negative way. Some of the themes I explore involve diversity, moral courage, love, good vs evil, and prejudice.


Alone and vulnerable. Will first love be the answer to Ash’s problems?

Bentley has been through a lot too, and together things seem to be improving.

But Ash has a secret. Will it lead to hope or heartbreak? She confides in Bentley, but has she made a huge mistake?

“I loved it. She was able to get accurately describe the emotions and actions of a teen with a single parent who loses her mom and struggles with normal issues.”

“The setting of the book is well researched and descriptive. I have enjoyed this book as much as I have other Authors such as Sarah Strohmeyer, Janet Evanovich etc in as much as they are different and hold your interest and leave you wanting to know what happens next.”

“I really like how strong Ashlee is, even when faced with the betrayal of her ‘friends’, she chooses integrity. It seems like she would be a good role model.”

Author Note: This story can be read as a standalone. While this book contains no fantasy elements, it is a prequel to the contemporary fantasy series the Alora Chronicles.