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Roxal’s life revolves around one core principle: obey your gods or die. So even though she knows her gods are false, Roxal has to pretend she’s a devoted follower to survive. But her survival comes at a high cost. Obeying her false gods means Roxal is forced to use her dream travel ability to covertly manipulate an earth woman to do their bidding. However, now her gods are hunting and executing nonbelievers. And Roxal knows it’s only a matter of time before she’s discovered.

Lauren’s on the verge of making a technological breakthrough when a sudden illness stops her in her tracks. Desperate to get back to work, she’s willing to try anything. Even seeing a hypnotherapist. During her hypnosis sessions, Lauren “meets” Roxal and discovers that not only are aliens real, but they’re planning to attack Earth – and she’s been helping them. But unfortunately for Lauren, the people who want her to continue helping aren’t going to let her walk away easily.

Both Roxal’s and Lauren’s lives are at risk. Can Roxal find a new way to survive now that pretending will no longer keep her safe? Can Lauren stop the alien invasion that threatens life as she knows it? What will be the ultimate price these two women pay for knowing the truth?

I was pulled into the world, that the author created, from the first chapter. The descriptions of the people, places and the environments were crafted such that I had no problem visualizing the story as it unfolded. I would highly recommend this book. It was refreshing to see different kinds of heroes that share some of our human frailties, but are also strong and capable in their own right.”

“I am hooked on this author. This book offers action and suspense right from the beginning. The narration is so vivid I could see the story play out clearly in my head. Also, I’m pretty good at figuring out who the bad guy is, but this book was unpredictable and threw me for a loop. You won’t want to put it down.”


Serial over-achiever Lauren is never more in her element than when tackling a new problem. So, she didn’t think twice about walking away from everything to join ENL in the fight against the impending alien invasion. However, after four months, very little progress seems to have been made. And worse, by the way she is ordered around and not allowed to go anywhere alone, ENL doesn’t seem to have any trust in her or her ability. It certainly doesn’t help that when Lauren finally does force them to give her a little freedom, she’s kidnapped. And that’s just the start of the “hell that breaks loose in her life.

Roxal has escaped the false gods who had enslaved her, but she still doesn’t feel as if she’s free. Living within a Resistor group, she gets an up-close view of their fight against her former captors. However, after seeing the tactics the Resistors are willing to use, she questions if they are, in fact, the “good guys”. Even though everyone around her seems sure about their reason for fighting, Roxal struggles to come to terms with what people do in the name of war.

Both Lauren and Roxal are fighting to make their lives make sense again. Can Lauren successfully stop the aliens planning to invade Earth? And can Roxal figure out who the enemy really is before it’s too late? Will these women be able to survive the danger that comes from knowing the truth?


“I am in love with this series. It hits all of my sci-fi and nerd buttons while giving me a taste of angst and romance.”

“The storyline was refreshingly climactic in nature throughout with unexpected twists and turns from the characters… very well written. I wish someone would make this series into a movie!”