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Caz has spent her whole life on an interplanetary city station. More than anything, she longs to explore the planets below her.  When one of her bursts of temper results in a sentence on the Surface, she sees the punishment as an adventure.  But an encounter with gypsies–and their strange pet–changes her destiny forever.  She is no longer just in search of some fun.  She is on a dangerous quest to seek out three worlds, three gifts, and three powers.  Finding them means finding interplanetary peace–and finding herself.

“With imaginative world-building, a riveting plot, and emotional twists, The Gypsy Pearl is a futuristic YA that will leave you breathless and eager for more.”

“Lia London is a master of her craft. In this amazing sci-fi adventure she takes the reader to new levels of understanding the ordinary. The Gypsy Pearl takes you to another place and time where extraordinary things can happen with characters who you will love.”

Caz, Alf and the alien creature, King continue the quest to “cycle” the Gypsy Pearl. To do so means untold power for her and freedom for the fanep species. But there are several leaders throughout the Granbo System who will do anything to make sure she doesn’t get to her next destination alive. She most go under cover as a male miner on the forbidding planet of Craggy to reach the next step in the cycling. Discovery could mean death…

“The harsh environment of Craggy puts Caz and her friends to the test, and it is so well described – including its animals and culture – that it feels at times like a character in itself.”

“It’s amazing how Lia London can make me visualize planets, people groups, animals, and plants that I’ve never seen before because they don’t exist. I got invested in the believable characters, and I can’t wait to see how everything ties together in book #3.”

3 Worlds, 3 Gifts, 3 Powers… Caz must find them all in order to free the fanep species and become queen of the entire Granbo System. When she reaches the third planet, Tye, she figures she’s almost done with the mystic cycling process. But the third Gift, instead of giving her Power, threatens to derail everything. It renders her paralyzed every time her adrenaline spikes–something that’s hard to avoid when forces from the other two planets are converging to kill her!

“This story resonates with gentle nudges of wisdom that are well balanced by Caz’s quick wit. At one point her boyfriend Alf observes, ‘You are not a wave watcher, Caz. You are the wave.’ It is Caz who drives this series. It is her growth that is so admirable and fun to watch. And it is so satisfying to see her journey reach its conclusion.”

“My favorite part was the different settings and the way the author developed the various cultures there. Though they’re all on the same planet, each one is totally unique, and I felt as though I was really visiting different cultures on earth. Several of them are now on my list of places I want to visit!”


When you belong to three worlds, you don’t belong anywhere. How can you possibly choose sides?


Long before Caz began her adventures on the three worlds of the Granbo star system, her mother Brita, then a young woman herself, began a quest of her own. Born of a gypsy father and a royal colonist mother, her sense of identity is confusing. When she falls in love with a space-dwelling medic, life gets even more complicated. The more she travels the planets and the social classes that inhabit them, the more she wishes she could do something to bring people together.

But the caste with which she most closely identifies–the gypsies–is the one at the bottom of the social hierarchy, and there are elements who wish to eradicate them from the Granbo System completely. How can Brita, with her strong ties to three cultures, advocate for unity over isolationism and understanding over hate? Some divisions run deeper than the vastness of space…

Author note: Actually, this started as a collaborative fiction project.  I shared the general outline with the participants, wrote a chapter, got feedback about what should come next, and then wrote some more.  Rinse and repeat until we got so far that I realized this would be much longer than a single novel.  At that point, I took over the reins and re-wrote the whole thing in 1st person so I could get inside of Caz’s head better. Months later, some of those original collaborators were beta readers for both books one and two, but the story has definitely been evolving since we started it.  I’m often surprised at what Caz does. It was also interesting to me to see that themes I thought would be important as Caz evolved and took the focus in a new direction. The plot stayed the same, but her take on it was different than mine, and I didn’t know that was possible!