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Harry Ferguson has a problem. Dragons have blown into his sleepy East Texas town. And it’s all his fault.

It is summertime in a small town in Texas. To keep the children of the community entertained, the town librarian has asked her father to come and tell them a story. The old man, known as Hank, is a bit nervous, but agrees. Hank begins to tell his mystical fairy tale about a young boy, a princess, a talking sword, and an evil dragon. Hank is a masterful storyteller. In no time at all, he captures the hearts and imaginations of the children and the adults gathered in the library.

In the crowd, there is one precocious and curious little girl who stands out among the rest. Little Sarah seems to immediately become one with the story. Hank and Sarah connect in a peculiar way; somehow Sarah knows what’s going to happen in the story before Hank tells it. As the story unfolds, life in the small town becomes really strange. The fairy tale and the real world begin to meld. Something is wrong, bizarrely wrong.

“The colorful cast of characters sprang to life in my mind. During the library scenes, I felt like I was actually watching and hearing children at a story time. And of course Harry Ferguson, as an unlikely hero, is extremely likable, and so is Sarah (lots of facets to her!). I was fascinated by how the story unfolds and uncovers more and more layers of danger, intrigue, and adventure.”

“Like fresh bread in a stale bakery.”

“This whimsical tale engages both young and old adults. I gave a five-star rating because the novel includes a wide range of fully developed characters who not only capture the reader’s attention and emotions, but these feisty eccentrics manage to convey many of the life lessons adults love to share with the next generation of leaders.”


When Harry is finally reunited with Sarah, and she is restored to her adult body, he’s barely able to bask in her glow before she’s ripped from his embrace, by a horrible revelation… he has a child with a woman–a witch!–he has never known, and he is desperate for answers.

Worse yet is that when Harry is tossed backward in the time stream, he must choose to be with the witch again or else Harry’s beloved daughter will never exist.

“An awesome part two of Harry and Sarah’s continuing adventures. Life just doesn’t cut Harry a break and it’s all for our entertainment. Like the first book this one has a blend of humor, action, and romance. The new characters in this story are very intriguing!”

“Masterful! Full of suspense and romance. It’s one of those love hate kinda books. You hate what’s happening to the main character, but you cannot put it down!”

“This book was just as good as the first, with many unexpected twists and turns throughout, once I started reading I couldn’t stop! I can’t wait for the next book!”


Author Note: B.R.A.G. Medallion winner. 

Warning: “Princess” ends in a cliff hanger! contains strong heroes who are faithful. Clean, romantic content, strong female characters who love their men and fight and die side by side with them, gut-busting laughter, East Texans with PhDs—they talk funny but are smart—shape-shifting dragons that pray, country Texans cast in a balanced light who cuss, pray, and fight for each other, children at risk of demonic rituals, angels in overalls, grandpas that spoil their granddaughters, sword violence, old pickup trucks, and coming in future books in the series, but not yet, sentient dogs.