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A girl with the eyes of a witch escapes her abusive master, but instead of a happy ending she finds Kergulen, a land where the monsters are only slightly more terrifying than the people. As she struggles to stay alive in this new country, Rima must master the capacity for inner freedom and true friendship if she hopes to create a life worth living.

Will uncovering Kergulen’s mysteries give Rima the freedom she dreams of, or will she be condemned because she knows too much?

“A powerful and poignant story.”

“A remarkable story set in a well-developed world that is populated by complex, interesting characters.”

“Captivating and humorous, this book draws you into Rima’s life and escapades, leaving you unable to stop thinking about what will happen next.”


The Kings of the Red Shell have kept the Kergulenite Stones safe and dormant for three hundred years, but now the powerful Stones are being stolen one by one. King Mihn calls on the Kergulenites to track the Stones, hoping they will intuit the magic the way their ancestors did, and in the process find his temperamental daughter.

In turn, the Kergulenites call on Rima, an escaped slave with half a dozen extraordinary senses. Rima’s life ambition is to find freedom and start a family, but her fate and personal plans have once again diverged. She finds herself immersed in Trantian culture, where women are prized more for physical attributes than for their innate worth. With talents of almost limitless potential, Rima could be critical to the Kergulenites’ quest, but most Trantians prefer that she stick to cooking.

The mysterious thief clearly has aspirations of world domination, and he may have the resources, as well. Will he add Rima to his list of assets, or will her companions succeed in their mission? Most likely, neither of the above. But one thing is sure—Rima will find out just how brave she really is.

“White’s smooth style of writing, draws you into the story and keeps you there. You always know you are reading a good book when you have to make excuses to yourself to sneak off and read it. It really is a page turner and of course there are dragons involved, my personal favorite, danger, love and death.”

“I knew we were going to follow Rima to a new land from the last book, Kergulen, but I didn’t expect so many of my favorite characters would follow!  This book was fast paced and never once dropped the ball or dragged it out.”

“The imagery is so vivid that it really puts you in their world.”


A successful mission should have meant glory and reward for Rima’s team…

Instead, they find themselves on another quest, this time to reach Trant City Proper before the Harans can destroy it. Invaders and strife stall them at every turn despite the magic at their disposal, and through it all, Rima strives to accept that for her, freedom has a lot less to do with family and comfort than it does with arrogant princes, unpredictable Kergulenites, and hand-to-hand combat.

The team knows their skills, experience, and magic will be vital assets for the king of Trant in the upcoming battles, but even they don’t understand how crucial their involvement will be. They haven’t yet learned of the dark creatures that came with the Harans, monsters the Trantians have no hope of defeating on their own.

“This fantasy novel is full of adventure, with a helping of comedy, romance and drama. It was exciting, as well as thought provoking, as White continues to explore the complexities, challenges and advantages that occur when diverse groups of people work together to save the world. I enjoyed getting to know new characters, while building on to the relationships of the previous ones.”

“What originally drew me into White’s series was her capacity for world-building and her gift for describing that world both conceptually and visually.”


Author Note: While I don’t have a large following, I have received numerous messages and comments from readers thanking me for writing diverse characters that they can relate to.