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Lydia Howell never had time for romance, because she practically raised her five younger siblings after her mother died. When her father remarries, she decides her only chance for love might be responding to a mail-order bride advertisement in the Rocky Mountains. But upon arriving, she learns her intended has died, only survived by his handsome and broody brother.

Oliver Fitzgerald has had more than his share of financial loss and emotional heartbreak, so he’s in no position to take on a wife. But he can’t leave this beautiful stranger alone in the budding town of Little Creek. So to honor his brother, Oliver offers her a marriage of convenience, because he can’t offer more than that.

Lydia should be satisfied with a roof over her head, but she begins to wonder…is the romance she never had still out of reach, or can she break down the walls around her husband’s heart?

“The author has done an excellent job of pacing the story in a way that gives each character enough of an arc to be fond of them, but reach a satisfying end. Many wonderful tidbits about history, nature, and business that engage you and immerse you in this world.”

“I just loved this adorable story. It had a great pace to it and despite the shorter length, didn’t feel rushed to get all the details in and the details weren’t over done. The entire novella was balanced in every way.”

“This was the sweetest, most joyful, loving and romantic story ever. I absolutely loved it and can’t wait for more!!”


Author Note: This story was set in historic Utah, and I was inspired to write it after moving there myself.