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From the moment he could walk, Bowmark has trained for a fight to the death. The Disc awaits him: a giant bronze platform suspended over a river of lava. He dreads the day of proving—when he must kill or be killed—to claim the throne.

His people have hidden from the rest of the world for generations. But when the discovery of a mysterious Atlas reveals forgotten lands and peoples, Bowmark begins to question his culture’s traditions and laws. His unavoidable future seems grim and pointless when contrasted with another world full of unique civilizations populated with other intelligent species and marvelous creatures.

Meanwhile new threats arise from the depths, hidden enemies emerge from within, and soon everything and everyone Bowmark knows and loves will be changed forever.

Torn between a desire to fulfill his duty, and his empathy for others, Bowmark must use all his intelligence and courage to navigate an uncertain future.


“The Foremans have created a world that I cannot wait to see more of. The characters are interesting, the creatures are fantastic, and the world of Talifar is well built. The pacing of this novel is great. I felt like I learned so much about Bowmark and his people, and what is just a small part of Talifar.”

“The Scarred King took me on a journey to a world full of richly detailed and unique societies. It dealt with deep, ethical questions, yet had enough lightness and action to keep it from getting too heavy. The protagonist felt so real in his thoughts, reactions, and decisions–especially as he faced choices that no one should have to make. The artwork added a wonderful layer to the story.”

“What a fun adventure to follow! I adore Bowmark and the intriguing people and cultures he comes across on his travels.”


Author Note: Mother/Son collaboration. Josh Foreman is a video game artist and level designer. He is responsible for Super Adventure Box.