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Amnesia plagues Owailion, the Awakened One. After meeting the gargantuan dragon, Mohan, he becomes his apprentice.

As the realm-guarding dragons prepare to enter hibernation for a thousand years, Owailion is tasked to protect the land from invaders. Gifted with powerful magic, he will be alone; the only human sealed off from the rest of the world.

Aided by a mysterious woman from his dreams, Owailion soon learns that his powers have their limits. He can conjure anything, speak with minds across vast distances and move instantly anywhere he desires – but can he control his own fate?

“Talismans reminded me a lot of an adult C.S. Lewis book. Fans of detailed fantasy worlds will enjoy the hard work that’s been put into the world building.”

“Exceptionally well-crafted and imaginative read! Fans of Lloyd Alexander, Christopher Paolini and Brandon Mull will enjoy this book and look forward with anticipation as the rest of the series unfolds.” 


When an attempt to heal a villager’s broken leg goes awry, Gailin is accused of witchcraft and sentenced to hang. Driven by mystic instinct, skillful magician Vamilion walks 300 miles in a week to save her – and set in motion a series of events that will change their fates forever.

In Ley Lines, two new pawns are woven into a game of magic and manipulation they don’t even know they’re playing. As new trials are suffered, thirsts for magic develop and unintended consequences emerge. Will the Wise Ones find a way to save themselves – and defeat the forces determined to tear them apart?

“This second book was a non-stop page-turner. When I get hooked on a series, I have to read them all. I hope there are many more to come.”

“Better than the first. Excellent addition to the Wise One series.”


After killing his father and attempting to evade his calling as a magician and protector of the realm, Yeolani disappears deep into the forest. But when he is granted limitless power and irreverently refuses to master it, unintended havoc – and intervening fairies – drive him toward a more purposeful path.

“This is a beautifully written book. Every page and chapter flows effortlessly through the imagination of this gifted author. I tend to speed read or skip portions of books that waste my time. Not with these books. I like to lick the frosting off of the cake and this book has lots of frosting. I eagerly await every sequel.”

“Life Giver is definitely the author’s best work yet! The plot flowed well and the descriptions were vivid. What I enjoyed the most was the character development in this story—both the new characters and existing characters from past books were more fully developed and came alive for me.”


Author Note: I wrote this series backwards. When I was fourteen, I did not like myself, and dreamed of becoming a queen in one of the grand castles I read about. What experiences would transform someone into a confident royal? So I wrote a shy girl to whom I gave magic and launched her on an adventure that eventually took her to that castle. However, everyone wanted the back-stories of the supporting characters. That meant I needed to write eight more books to finally fulfill the world and its intricacy in launching her into her new home.