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So much for senior year being the best part of high school.

It all started when I caught my boyfriend cheating on me.

I did what any girl would do—I got revenge. Of course, it didn’t stop there. Thanks to a condemning video, I also got eight weeks of community service and athletic probation right before basketball season is supposed to start. (There goes my spot as captain!)

Thankfully, there’s a guy at Marlowe Junction’s Helping Hands who makes passing the time more enjoyable. He’s gorgeous, funny, and a huge basketball fan.

Too bad he’s also my brother’s biggest enemy…

Courtside Crush is so much fun. I loved Charlie and Jackson. I swear I could feel their connection, it was palpable. I love that Charlie wasn’t your typical goodie goodie or bargirl. She was the perfect combination of good and bad, I mean aren’t we all a little of both? I think this made her super relatable which made me love this book even more.”


“I devoured this book as quick as I could, even with work and life getting in the way I managed to get it finished in 2 sittings. It was amazing. I love the Romeo and Juliet take on the book.”


Courtside Crush brought back all kinds of memories and emotions from high school- the good, the bad, and the ugly. This sweet YA is so well-written that I could feel what Charlie was experiencing- the stress of team tryouts, guilt from keeping secrets from her bff, and butterflies from stolen glances with her forbidden Romeo. I especially love how multi-dimensional the Charlie character is. She’s neither a goody goody nor a troublemaker, but instead, a passionate teenager who sometimes acts on emotion before thinking it through.”


I knew exactly what I wanted out of my senior year.

A full ride to Northwestern University, the title of American High School Journalist of the year, and a kiss, not just any kiss, but one from the boy I’ve been in love with since the sixth grade.

By October, my plan was fully in motion with liplock by Christmas Imminent. Imminent, that was, until Andie Mercantile moved to Marlowe Junction, swooping both my beat and my man.

Now, I’m stuck writing the sports column–a subject I know nothing about. My goals aren’t unobtainable, but they will take a lot more work. Just because a sports writer has never won journalist of the year before, doesn’t mean it can’t be done. And as for the kissing part, I’m not counting myself out just yet.

After all, maybe learning a bit about competition is just what I need.


“Everything about this book was a pure treasure and i am so glad i picked it up. The emotions will suck you in as well as just the characters themselves. And the blossoming romance is one that is swoon worthy and will leave a big grin on your face even hours after finishing the last page.”


“Lane was probably one of my favorite characters ever. She completely came alive as the funny, quick-witted girl who was super loyal to her mom and holding in a boat load of baggage. She filled the role of narrator perfectly. Even though she frequently hid her feelings from those around her, the reader was privy to it all, from sad, awkward, and hilarious to sweet, frustrating and fierce. She made me feel a wide range of emotions as She funneled her way into my heart. She had me laughing one minute while my heart hurt for her the next. Ultimately, Lane will go down on the list of characters that make me sad when a book is over because I will miss her and I may need to visit her again.”


I am 100%, completely, totally over Jeremiah.

After all, he’s the one who dumped me.

For my best friend.

Via text message.

2 days before Christmas.

So I did what any self-respecting head cheerleader would do: I started dating his teammate. Who’s great. Really.

But now Jeremiah keeps looking at me like he misses holding me just as much as I miss being in his arms. And we’ve been paired up for the most important history project of my entire life.

Can my heart survive this? Or should I hope for another shot with the only boy I’ve ever loved?


“This was such a cute fun read with emotional times that was very enjoyable. The book was full of everything real, and I found myself wanting to scream, cry, and breakdown along with Sammi, and in the end, I’m sure my smile was bigger than hers.”


“This was a heart-wrenching story about high school love and the silly things kids do in and for relationships. The element of family drama was nice to have in the story. Made it more real to life.”


I’ve got one shot to win his heart.

I’ve had a crush on Preston Royce for as long as I can remember. Only, I’ve never told him, or anyone, because he doesn’t see me that way. (And because his sister, Charlie, happens to be my best friend!)

But when Preston’s girlfriend breaks his heart, Charlie comes up with a plan to get them back together—a plan that involves Preston and me pretending to date.

Yeah, it’s a bad idea cozying up with a guy who’s still in love with his ex, but it may be my only chance to get close to him before we graduate high school. He thinks we’re faking.

Meanwhile, I’m falling more in love with him….

“This book is such a cute sports contemporary YA romance that will leave you with a smile on your face for well after you close the last page. I found my emotions all over the place in this book because the characters felt so real. I know this book and series has become one of my favorites and I will be re-reading them for years to come.”


Game Plan is fantastic end to a super sweet series. This book gave me all feels! Daria and Preston were so adorable together! Preston was a silly teenage boy at times but he still made me swoon!”


“Great storyline, and I loved the characters. I was rooting so hard for Daria and Preston, more than any of the others. This story also deals with parent issues and typical high school angst one might experience as they prepare for a major transition. And it was stuffed full of adorable, smile so hard your cheeks hurt moments! A must read! Here’s a tip—read the whole series to get the biggest payoff!”