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Dragons are back in the skies and dark elves are roaming the moors. It’s time for Ingrid to learn to fight. She shouldn’t be forced to stay at home and spin yarn. Hindered by overprotective parents and prevented from training, her frustration mounts. Tasked with safe, simple chores, Ingrid longs for adventure and glory. She has waited long enough.

It’s time to take matters into her own hands and show exactly what she’s capable of. Though she’s always known she’s meant for something great—it’s time to prove it. After all, who else is going to save her village and fight off the dark elves? Can a simple farm girl change the fate of nine realms? She will risk everything to find out and earn glory in the process.

“I can soooo relate to the heroine Ingrid…I want to be Ingrid! This author is especially good at describing setting so that I felt like I was there through my senses.”

“The hero of this book is a young Viking woman coming in to her own and discovering the world is full of magic and myth. She’s a charming protagonist, and the world Jane creates is full of wonder. Recommended for anyone who likes YA mythic fantasy with a splash of romance.”


A goddess from Asgard is supposed to train the once simple farm girl, but who has time to wait for that? Ingrid doesn’t.

Already pursued by a dark elf, now Ingrid’s emerging abilities draw a new source of danger. One that threatens to destroy all magic. She is supposed to be the one to save the realm—to be the hero. But, what if she’s become more of a threat than a savior?

The dark elf expects her to join him and his patience is wearing thin. Armed with little more than an enchanted piece of amber, Ingrid will need to fight to prove herself before time runs out. How will Ingrid find the goddess and learn to harness the power she wields in time? If she fails it could mean the death of everyone she loves.

“Wow! This is one exciting, engaging, action packed, nerve racking, page turning tale that captivates from the start. All the twists and turns, ups and downs, along with a few glitches here and there make for one enjoyable experience. The characters and their personalities are so realistic and believable it feels like you can just reach out and touch them. The scenes are so graphic and detailed it’s easy to picture each scenario as it plays off one another in perfect balance.”

“The plot is woven around self-discovery, growing up and into your full potential. This is a good book… exemplifies loyalty, friendship, courage and perseverance.”


Agnethe, a young Norse girl living in 882 Danelaw, finds herself alone and needing to answer that question. Now, she’ll have to find a way to learn the secret or risk losing the knowledge forever. One mysterious woman could be the key if Agnethe can find her.

To make matters worse, she’s forced to leave her home and deal with abusive relatives, just as she starts to experience strange premonitions she doesn’t understand. Then she meets a handsome visitor who helps her chart a new future, but, will she be able to find the answers she seeks and the security she needs?

“An engaging tale of confusion, strength and determination to understand the world she finds herself in. A heartwarming and riveting story.”

“Fast paced with action and adventure! Even as short as it is, there are plenty of twists and turns.”

Author Note: This is my debut novel. As an author, I ended up following along with Ingrid on her coming-of-age journey. We share a similar “jump in with both feet” mentality. Positive messages are important and often come from many unexpected places. I enjoyed exploring a different side of Viking life than is commonly portrayed and mixing in fun fantasy elements. Like Ingrid, I learned a great deal and found myself through the process.